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VG Opinion Poll #15 - Results!


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For informational purposes only...

The question from last time:

VG Opinion Poll #15!

Games are everywhere and have been for a long time. They come standard on just about any electronic device (even calculators). Are we that bored? No, that's not the question, but it may speak to our need for ubiquitous entertainment. My question, and I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner, is this:

What do you use most often for gaming?

The votes:

a. console - 5 votes (38%) --numero uno!--

b. computer - 4 votes (31%)

c. handheld - 4 votes (31%)

Well, it was a close race, but not even a twofer vote could swamp the consoles. Very good points made for all three. I especially like the notion (thanks Sixto) that console games are made for consoles and, therefore, run best on consoles, without requiring additional hardware. Still, you're missing out on some good titles if you don't diversify. And who can argue against the portability of games?

Thanks for voting. New poll in about two minutes.

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