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Which PS3 Game to get?

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Don't forget the PSN games people! There's a ton of really fun games that are half or less the price of bluray copies with double the replay value (especially with friends).

- Fat Princess: I can best describe this as Team Fortress 2 meets Castle Crashers.

- Pain: Say what you want about redundancy, I can launch David Hasselhoff into oncoming roller coasters all day. I'm pretty sure I have actually.

- Siren Blood Curse: I wasn't personally a big fan of the trial and error type gameplay of the first game, but this one's a lot better and you can defend yourself with some pretty silly random objects.

- WipEout HD: This game is everything you always wanted in a first date. Fast, pretty and has serious replay value.

- Bionic Commando Rearmed: A fantastic nostalgia trip with local co-op and really easy to pick up gameplay.

- Gunstar Heroes: One of the best games to ever grace the Sega Genesis and my god there are bullets EVERYWHERE.

- Burnout Paradise: If you have ever played and liked a Burnout game, you will purchase this and never want to play any of the other ones again. Drop in multiplayer on a persistent island and local party mode? Hell yes.

- Comet Crash: A co-op AND competitive RTS with a surprisingly smooth learning curve.

- Savage Moon: Probably the most unforgiving tower defense game on the market. If you're not in it for the challenge or get angry at video games easy I'd recommend something more fun like Pixeljunk Monsters.

- Noby Noby Boy: So I ate the mailman, crapped him off the edge of the world then reached up to the sun and recorded my progress...

- Crystal Defenders: I love Final Fantasy Tactics and tower defense games. Shut up.

- Mega Man 9: Capcom is pretty infamous for making some of the most challenging games out there, but I'm positive they released this game as a durability test for the DualShock 3.

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