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Chrono Trigger - Corridor of Time


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So I'm working on kind of a "remake" of this tune. I don't know if I'll submit it to OCR since I'm not currently focusing too much on rearrangement, but maybe in the future.

Here's the beginning, the general sound I'm going for.


I couldn't tell if you were going for a more African or Asian tone with this remix. The strongest part is the very high quality samples (nice flute) and well-mixed arrangement of the background. The weakest is obviously the note-for-note matching of the melody, which barring some interpretive elements later in the song would preclude it from passing OCR muster. I dig it, but with this song before over-remixed as it is, it needs more to stand out.


(edit: Maybe I should read the part where you mention you aren't focused on arrangement. Nice job me. If you're mostly concerned about atmosphere and sound, I like where you're going a LOT. You could go a lot of directions from where you're at, actually, any idea?)

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More: http://omohide.com/corridor2.mp3

Re: Pander. I don't know if I was really going for any specific tone other than the organic sounding one I had in my head. I did include some tabla-aided percussion to recall the Hindu sounds of the original. My intent when starting was just to bring the piece out in the way it always did it my head, but I may consider adding a more personal touch to the arrangement and submitting it to OCR.

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It sounds like a really good start, but the instrument placement needs some work, IMO. I tend to visualize music and right now its kinda Picasso-ish, if that makes any sense. It might just be me.

Also that pad needs some smoothing out. It crests and falls in a weird way. Flute could use some smoothing out too, but it's ok as is.

Send me a copy when you fix and finish it - I'd definitely love to have this in my collection.


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