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  1. I only have a couple things to say. (Not much can be said with the talents of bLiNd (who I'm extremely biased for ) and everyone else who contributed to this project. There isn't a song I hate here.) 1) This album has convinced me to play Wild Arms from the PS store. I haven't purchased it yet, but will be. If it has inspired this many people to come together to do this many remixes, I don't need much more convincing, and I'm not even sure how I missed this RPG in the first place back then. 2) "Inner Light" is one of the most EPIC remixes I have ever heard from this site. Amazing job guys. I usually have to hear the source to appreciate a remix, but this is simply astounding on its own.
  2. This source has entirely too few remixes. I've always thought it was one of the most beautiful songs in any game. That, and this one from SoE.
  3. This source has entirely too few remixes. I've always thought it was one of the most beautiful songs in any game.
  4. Oh man, it's about time I've heard an awesome Ultimecia remix. That's probably up in my top three final boss fight songs ever.
  5. Just thought I'd get on here and say how I still love this mix. It's still in my "Top OC Remix" playlist. So many varying themes throughout it, yet they all mix well. Great source, too.
  6. Wow, really good stuff. Not normally a fan of the metal/rock stuff on this site (except for Nekofrog gold - I love you man!). Not what I was expecting, and quite good. Some feedback: I do feel like a little something is missing, but I can't say what. What's there is good, though.
  7. Fantastic concert tonight! Also, good to finally see some of you face to face and see the people behind OCR.
  8. I'll be going to the concert. My sister owed me a concert hall birthday gift, and this presented itself.
  9. As usual, another good one from bLiNd. One of the few reason I log into the forums to say anything. Could have done without the dubstep, though. Never understood why that junk is popular, but hey, to each his own.
  10. Pretty nice remix. It gets a little too random for my taste near the end, but still good, plus it's a Besaid remix.
  11. bLiNd giving us some OCR gold yet again. I wonder how many others you have lying around that you never bothered to submit. If that's the case, get to it!
  12. Yay! More songs with incest in them please! Also, more direct-posting FTW. Did I cover it all? Maybe I'm not reading this right, but that sure sounds like you're saying you would post things simply to get a reaction out of people. Is that the purpose of this site, or is the purpose?... (Speaking of which, I don't really see this interpretation from Final Fantasy IV at all, but hey, in an age where people feel free to think/believe whatever they want with no consequences, who am I to say anything contrary? "Interpretation" is a meaningless word now.) That sounds like a fabulous idea. I haven't in a while, and I'll try to start doing that again. There are many, many great songs here, and I listen to OCR stuff just about every day.
  13. She just now submitted this? Oh man, this has been one my favorites for a while.
  14. Sounds great so far. Ver. 2 is much better than 1.
  15. I think this is great, and I'm not even a huge fan of metal-type mixes. Maybe it's because the source has been a long time favorite.
  16. Is it just me, or does www.blind-music.com never load?

  17. Here's another bLiNd one I missed. Almost an instant 5-stars in my library. And I reserve 5-stars for ones I know will always be my favorites. Great work again.
  18. I just discovered this track on the Reserve Tank collaboration, which I also just discovered. (I'm not sure how I missed it.) This track is my favorite on the whole album, and I just keep listening to it. It's so...energizing...but that word doesn't really cut it.
  19. What happened to your website? The brailroom has nothing about you or your music, and looks like its someone else's site solely about all things braille.

  20. Time Voyager - Chronosis Aquamarine - mv When the Smoke Clears - Geoffrey Taucer Quickening - Avaris, Level 99 (on the new Xenogears OCR Album)
  21. First of all, I'd have to agree with Geoffrey Taucer: While I'm not sure if I cried at these scenes or not, they definitely struck a chord with me and I may have cried, but I don't remember; it's been a long time since I've played these. Also, some of the scenes listed may not be sad, but they were so emotionally charged that getting teary-eyed was just a natural response, I think. I get teary-eyed in response to awesomeness more than I do to sadness.In no particular order... THERE ARE ***SPOILERS*** HERE. 1) Xenosaga - At the very end, when it appears KOS-MOS is going outside to sacrifice herself to shield the Elsa from burning up in the atmosphere, and Shion is quite distraught, then KOS-MOSs show her true self and sprouts those wings...yeah, that whole scene gets to me every time. (starts at 5:01)2) Final Fantasy VIII - The conversation between Squall and Rinoa on the Ragnarok. There are very personal reasons for that one. 3) Final Fantasy IV - The entire ending, from encountering Zemus, Zeromus, up through the very end. 4) Xenogears - When Fei's personalities all come together. I don't know why, but that whole event is very satisfying, and elicits a big response from me. EDIT: Coming back to this, I think it's because Fei is finally taking responsibility for what he did, even when he was a child, and even though he did not mean to do what he did. (I'm not going to say what that was, as it's a pretty big spoiler). He owned up to his mistake, and now he is a whole, complete person -- faults and all. This is something I constantly struggle with: the desire to be right instead of the desire to be truthful.
  22. This is a really good, beautiful piece. You should really continue finishing this!
  23. I like it! The drums are also hitting harder, which is good. I think the metallic sounds are a bit over the top, but I think that's just my taste, rather than the quality of it. Overall, I really like this one.
  24. Just realized I never actually said how much I like this track. I've been listening to this album a LOT, and this is still my favorite on it.
  25. Not much to say other than that this is now my favorite OC Remix album by far. And I LOVE many of the others, so that's saying a lot. I've always enjoyed the Xenogears soundtrack, and the "Creid" album. I'm quite pleased to see that this album does justice to just about every track. Almost every time I listen to the whole album, I find a new favorite that I overlooked the first listen. My recent discoveries: "Crash / Restore" is absolutely fantastic, and I all but dismissed it at first. The same goes with "Dreamscape". I'm sure others will suddenly occur to me that are also fantastic.
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