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Digitech RP500 and Cubase LE 4


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Greetings, chums. I have acquired the above stated hardware and software, with which I desire to record some audio from my electric guitar. However, I cannot seem to get Cubase to record any input from the pedal, nor can I hear any type of sound output from the USB cable that I have connected to the pedal.

There seems to be some type of sound coming from the thing, because the "DigiTech RP500 In/Out" device in my OS recording settings picks up a single bar of noise when I strum, but that is the extent of any sort of feedback I have had. I am running Vista32.

I have read and followed the instructions and searched the googles for the proper manner in which to set this up, but have been unsuccessful. I figure someone here might have the same pedal, so any help regarding this would be appreciated.

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