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Need to hire piano player.

Meteo Xavier

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I had me a collaboration set up with a friend of mine who does really awesome piano work where I would write this new age, progressive piano song and he would perform it since I have no availability to record piano.

Well, I haven't seen him online in weeks nor can I get a hold of him and this track needs to be done more than it needs to be put off - and here we are.

I've contacted Shnabubula and he declined in a very respectful way, which I appreciated, so now I'd like to see what my options are. I need to hire someone who knows what the hell he or she is doing and how to really interpret and perform it since the MIDI version I have set up could only give me so much access to emotion and interpretation.

The only stipulation right now is any minute now my previous collab partner might show up any minute now with tales of computer failings (which I would understand in his circumstance) and I am obligated to use him instead.

I have some money set aside I can pay for some genuine skill here. If you want to talk to me and talk some prices, send me a private message or email me at MeteoX9999SPAMFILTER@aol.com. The SPAM FILTER part of that address, clearly, is just to throw off bots. Please do not contact me on AIM tonight, just an email will do for now.


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