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  1. I truly LOVED your Splash Woman ReMix Splash Waltz in Back in Blue. FINOMINAL! I would actually like to do a duet with my sister on guitar, me on flute...or alto sax whichever comes first. Would it be too much if I asked for a copy of the sheet music (the only MIDI thing that I have is Audacity)?

  2. Maybe, give me more details.

  3. Your flute is awesooooome.... Wanna play it on a remix of mine? If you can improvise parts? :-D

  4. HOLY SHIT That's me. I guess that Master's in flute performance is worth something.
  5. Glad I could make it on this album, and very glad I got my "finished" mix in to you Dustin. I wish I could have re-recorded much of it (I have a session with a guitar player next week). Maybe I will and submit a re-remix to OCR.
  6. I'm really disappointed this got revived from what I thought was cancellation and I wasn't in the loop. I mean, I had a good WIP and everything, and I never heard a word about this, because I don't come around here really. I'm not blaming you Dustin but you have emailed me in the past about things...so I assumed it was dead. It is mostly my fault of course. Around the time I was still working on this I had just started a Master's program (which I just finished in May) so I was a little (lot!) busy with 40-60 hour weeks in school. Oh well. I just wanted to be in an OCR project for once. Maybe I can get back into remixing since I am out of school and have no job because of this crap economy. Did anyone take Splash Woman since I didn't finish? ***Update*** I had no idea my WIP was still in the project, so I'm back in, thanks Dustin.
  7. Still looking for a reliable acoustic guitar player who wants to play these parts on my Splash Woman arrangement.
  8. Ugh, I really need an acoustic guitar player with a decent recording setup for my track. Anyone?
  9. No tax from an online retailer (unless he just happens to be in Indiana), and Sweetwater supposedly ships free, but with such a large order they might not. Of course, with such a large (profitable) order, perhaps they would. Regardless, it would likely just take a truck to get it there and would be a flat fee (and would depend on the location of the OP's school).
  10. Actually I use Sonar, which I added to that list. Cubase is popular so I threw it on there. And of course ProTools comes with the MBox2. So that gives some variety basically. I think having a few choices is good in an educational setting. I didn't know FL Studio actually had recording functionality. However, suffice to say that's not really its intended use. Definitely use a dedicated recording DAW rather than a music synthesis platform.
  11. Please don't do this. That's not how classical music should be recorded. In reality you should be able to use 2-4 mics in the audience and then MAYBE spot mic one or two sections, for a total of 8 tracks or less. Yes I forgot about building the room, but for a budget-minded build you probably could get away only spending a couple thousand on absorption panels and bass traps.
  12. Well I was bored so here. I just built a general-purpose studio package. There might be some holes or unneeded items, it just depends on the reasons for the studio. In this system, you have the option of running the HD24 recorder remotely. Otherwise, it functions as the ADA converter for the computer, through the M-audio Lightbridge. The Yamaha mixer provides the front end, for up to 24 mics. All accessories needed are there I think. The mic selection is mostly general purpose mics that I think is a well-rounded group. No ribbons, because putting ribbon mics in the hands of younger students is, well, stupid (I don't let anyone handle mine, at all). I've included some software plug-ins but I'm not totally hip on them - I hardly use effects not in Sonar already. There is some money left over to get random stuff or more accessories. You might just be able to squeeze some active PA speakers in there for live sound. You could also shave some money off by buying cables from a cheaper place, such as www.audiopile.net (this is where I get all my cables). If the program wants to hire a consultant to run the build give them my number. It's on my website - www.oceanstarproductions.com. My equipment list is also available there. Anyway, here is the shopping list from Sweetwater.com:
  13. Okay, so first you have to answer some questions. 1. What kind of things will you be recording? 2. What kind of computer will you be using (or will you be buying one specifically for this)? 3. How many inputs do you want? You said this was for the school's music program. Can I assume you will be recording band/orchestra literature? Or will there possibly be rock band type things? I've spent over 25k on my recording business, so you have to narrow it down to what you want to do and how. Oh yeah I don't know how you got the idea ProTools requires a Mac. It doesn't. And I wouldn't go Mac for a number of reasons personally, least of all budget. ProTools is not a requirement for a build of this nature either.
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