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Puzzle Bobble Main Theme


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I'm not sure if this is the correct section. If it isn't, I apologise.

This is a simple request, as I'm not asking for a full ReMix/ReArrangement, I was just wondering if anyone could add chords, and a better drum track, to a midi of Puzzle Bobble's Main Theme. A very simple version of it can be found here. Please keep it in midi format. Ideally I'd want it to be of 8-10 channels.

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I took the file you linked to and cleaned up some irritating wrong notes. This version's a more correct MIDI of the SNES version. (The note lengths of the synth at the top could use some work, though the rhythm is right.)

The drums are more faithful now, though not embellished. Do you want more drumming than is there in the game? And what do you mean by "add chords"? Change the chord progression, or just fill out the existing chords?

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