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  1. You know, I have to entirely disagree with the OP here. I actually hate the people who create those "fake HD" videos, the prime example being the TASvideos community (don't be surprised if you see Game Boy videos encoded at 1600×1440 pixels there). For what it's worth, I am more than happy to see that OCR didn't join this idiocy, and still uploads reasonable 360p videos. It's hard to keep on doing things right when too many people have a fetish for those two magic letters, HD.
  2. Hello, I hope that self-advertising is allowed here to some extent; if it isn't, feel free to lock/delete this topic. But I believe you can find it interesting. You all know that the VGM format was born on smspower and originally handled music from Game Gear and Master System games, and it was later upgraded to handle music from Genesis games, as seen on project2612. What many of you probably don't know is that the format subsequently underwent further improvements and can now handle a wide range of gaming systems, most notably arcade (but not only that). Thus, a third website to collect the flood of these new VGM files was due, and I'm proud to tell you about this: http://vgm.mdscene.net/. What you can find there, aside of all the new VGM packs you can download and comment about, are all the programs you need to listen to these new VGM files, such as the new in_vgm Winamp plugin by ValleyBell, and the standalone vgmplay.exe still by ValleyBell. And! There is a section for homebrew VGM files, I'm sure GeckoYamori will love it. Best regards and thanks for your time.
  3. These ones: http://ocremix.org/systems/ Are they public domain?
  4. Thanks for the answers, people. Like I assumed, it is illegal, but nobody cares. I wonder if I can still get in trouble if the hosting service explicitly says to not upload copyrighted material. As, maybe Sega and Nintendo won't sue me, but my host might delete my account as per terms of service. Semi-related: any recommendation for hosts who don't care very much about this?
  5. Hello, I hope this is the proper forum section, and if it's not, I apologise. I just need an advice since I know there are people who knows many things around here. I was wondering, how legal is it to host vgm rips on a website? I'm thinking something like project2612. How much of a gray area is it? If I start a website and I put vgm rips (not .mp3, but .vgm) on it, can I be sued by Sega and Nintendo for stealing their music? I think, since project2612 survives since years ago, it's somehow safe, but I want to be sure about it. Thanks again in advance.
  6. This one already sounds awesome enough. Thanks a lot.
  7. What happened to the good skin? The blue one. Just yesterday I finally decided to stop lurking and the skin changes completely? *goes back to lurking*
  8. I'm not sure if this is the correct section. If it isn't, I apologise. This is a simple request, as I'm not asking for a full ReMix/ReArrangement, I was just wondering if anyone could add chords, and a better drum track, to a midi of Puzzle Bobble's Main Theme. A very simple version of it can be found here. Please keep it in midi format. Ideally I'd want it to be of 8-10 channels.
  9. I mean, Happy Birthday, dj Pretzel!
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