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Emulating Wavetable Synthesis and Sounds Capcom/Konami

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I have an interesting problem,

I want to emulate the sound of the games we play. I want to be able to capture the sound games made to make my compositions in loops. I've begun dabbling in soundfonts and I've come up with some minor results, but I'm still not able to get "that sound" I'm searching for.

Soundtracks I'm looking to emulate:

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Pocket Fighter

Marvel Superheroes Vs. Street Fighter

Legend of the Mystical Ninja (GOEMON!!!)

Tried using reverb in FL Studio and its too clean. I want to reproduce that effect that they had in the games where the reverb was much more distant and dirty sounding.

I was told before about something called wavetable synthesis and that the only way to get these sounds is the Qsound board. In this age of vst's and what I've been able to create during my short time with FL Studio...this just seems ridiculous to me (that it can't be reproduced)

Alpha Lyra and the other composers were using some high tech stuff, but now we have so many high power computers, I know I'm close to finding it.

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