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  1. Don't know what you're doing Thursday night before Otakon?! Check this out: Life UP! www.sonarbaltimore.com FEATURING DJ BLACK {OP} & DJ GHOST WITH PERFOMANCES FROM THE BLACK TASSLE BOOLESQUE! ADMISSIONS: 18+ Event $12.00 cover @ Door $10.00 Online Pre-Purchase www.sonarbaltimore.com You are invited to Life UP, a brand new video game/anime theme night that will be pulsing with energy! There will be dancing, video gaming, and performances all night long! There will be contests and raffles for some awesome prizes! COSPLAY IS ENCOURAGED! Cosplayers may participate in our cosplay
  2. How does one go about having the OC Remix community put up information regarding a video game themed music event in the announcements section on the front page of OCR or in any section at all on the main site page? For example, ROFLcon is posted from 4/30 and has a link to a thread that shows the info.
  3. Does anyone out there use Jazz Mutant Lemur for their FL Studio rig? I'd like some insight and advice on how to get started using it, I want to get one soon and I'd like to know if anyone else out there is able to set it up and use it intuitively.
  4. Hello, Is there a way to have a template that carries over controller mappings? For example, linking a knob parameter to a knob on Maschine, but having that same parameter linked when you open that template again.
  5. Any insight yet, avaris? Zircon? I have been able to work around it, but I still have issues every now and again...
  6. All, Can someone shed some light on the issue I'm having with Symphonic Choirs and FL Studio, I get the following error when it tries to load: There was an error loading the settings for the plugin "Play". Its settings are not loaded. You are advised to restart FL Studio. Don't save your song now, or make sure you have a backup! I honestly don't think its FL. They're prog. has been damn near bullet proof up until now. Soundsonline has the latest updates, and I've used them...so I don't know WHAT'S up. Tryin to lay down a track that needs a choir so any help is greatly appreciated I r
  7. Zircon, I went in an took a look at my settings to compare them to yours. I currently take the TI down to "Relaxed Normal" for system performance and "Below Normal" for Application priority. For them, a fancy way of saying 256 (6ms) and 512 samples respectively (mine is 12 ms for some reason). I experience this whenever I start up a track that has 2 or more VSTi's regardless of whether they are virus or regular sounds. I have problems when using the TI sounds as well as the normal VSTi (both Fruity and VST's I picked up on the net such as FMMF). I tried this with ASIO4ALL and I experienc
  8. What up all, Using a TI Virus Keyboard with a Quad Core 2.67 processor and 3 gigs of RAM with 64 bit Windows Vista. I'm running into some issues using the sound card. It works wonderfully except for it keeps starting the song on the 2nd and third bars. Given I have the processor and RAM I do, shouldn't I be able to get around popping, clipping, and stutter issues with latency? I am using the TI Viruses internal sound card which, as I said except for this work wonders. I've tried ASIO4 All V.2 and also the regular buffer with the normal ASIO drivers and they don't work half as good as the
  9. Okay...I've tried this, both ways with JBridge. I can't really tell a difference and without turning on multithreading and I'm wondering if I'm doing this incorrectly. 1) When I tried it the way listed above, I couldn't load ANY of my FL studio plugins (even the vst/vsti's that came stock with Studio). 2) I then tried to have FL studio point to the a different directory as instructed in the manual that came with JBridge, by changing the directory on the File Tab within for extra VST search. Am I not pointing to the new directory properly? I'm still experiencing the sound stopping in th
  10. I have an interesting problem, I want to emulate the sound of the games we play. I want to be able to capture the sound games made to make my compositions in loops. I've begun dabbling in soundfonts and I've come up with some minor results, but I'm still not able to get "that sound" I'm searching for. Soundtracks I'm looking to emulate: Street Fighter II Street Fighter Alpha 2 Pocket Fighter Marvel Superheroes Vs. Street Fighter Legend of the Mystical Ninja (GOEMON!!!) Tried using reverb in FL Studio and its too clean. I want to reproduce that effect that they had in the games where
  11. Ok, I've begun reading it and I feel like I'm already learning quite a bit. But, zircon, I'm coming from not knowing anything about EQing. I tried on some songs I've put together, but I wanted to refine and add to my knowledge. Since I've messed with loops 7, noticed the EQUO plugin and it gives me very drastic changes in sound, which lead me to believe it was a more powerful tool to use. So, while we're on the subject, exactly what is the difference between EQUO and the Parametric? Also, pros and cons? Should I ignore the flashiness of this new toy? lol.
  12. Is there anyone that can give me some insight on how to EQ using Fruity Loops 7 EQUO? For that matter, are there any resources that would allow me to gain more knowledge on EQing period? I know what sounds good when I mix records, but I want to learn how to apply that knowledge when making my tracks. Thanks, {OP}
  13. Yeah man, I tried there, but I found NO audio files. Thanks anyway. Funny you should loose EVERYTHING 2 weeks before we talk. I hope you can recover as much as possible. This is going to prove difficult and annoying... DOES ANYONE ELSE have any insight? People...I know its got to be somewhere. The anime's and games use it ALL THE TIME.
  14. Ok, Hy Bound... can I get that sample from you? Is it Royalty free? I have COMBED the net and I cannot find that sound. This is ridiculous.
  15. Makes perfect sense. Now those DSP sound very tasty..especially given I can manipulate my turntable effects. I use Fruity loops, so I'll reference that as my base. Would those effects be manipulated from loops or from the sound interface's software? Thanks for clearing up that soundcard/interface thing. That explains why my laptop keeps underrunning when Loops tries to playback the patterns I make using its softsynths such as Sytrus (my computer uses everything save a FLUX CAPACITOR to try to make those syths play). Now that the soundcard has been throughly discussed...what other thi
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