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Casting Call (Portland, OR) for Population 2

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Don't know if anyone here is living in Portland, OR, but if you do... my next movie is going to start filming soon.


Moon Tribe Studios presents another casting call for a short film shooting late February 19th – 28th, 2010 entitled, “Population 2,” a futuristic dark drama about loss and the inability to move on.

Hired actors will receive credit and experience on a serious production set and on a film that is going to be making the festival rounds as well as seeing limited theatre release.

Moontribe Studios is highly supportive of the independent film making scene in Portland and there is a large chance that more acting work may follow.

Please read closely:

WHERE: TBD (You will be contacted if chosen with the location)

DATE/TIME: Monday November 9, 1pm to 6pm and Tuesday

November 10th, 1pm to 5pm. The slots are at 15 minute intervals starting at the time mentioned. Email your prefered time slot when you apply.

There will be CALLBACKS in January.


We are casting for two roles. Male and Female who look 25-35. Must be 18 or over. Actor must be able to commit to the entire week of production although the shooting may not require the entire week. These roles are very emotionally demanding however previous acting experience is not required. If you think you have the ability to pull off such a role, we encourage you to audition.


Name: Citizen 1

Gender: male OR female

Character: A former disgruntled corporate employee of a manufacturer for survival housing, equipment and war material. Once married to Citizen 2. Now surviving alone in a post-apocalyptic environment. Citizen 1 struggles with obsessive compulsiveness and control issues. He/she is an emotional wreck but is good at hiding this fact from him/herself.


Name: Citizen 2

Gender: male OR female (opposite of ROLE 1)

Character: Once married to Citizen 1. Also an employee of the corporation. Citizen 2 has dealt with Citizen 1’s issues to the point that they have taken on a somewhat abused persona. He/she is not used to asserting him/herself, though the circumstances will soon force a confrontation.


When apocalypse looms, a couple is forced to examine their relationship. Should they continue to live on against the odds or should they go the way of humanity and fade into oblivion. What happens if they don’t agree on their course of action? The film is a dramatic study of both the preamble and the results of such a confrontation set against a Steam Punk background.


Moon Tribe Studios has been producing films since 2005, although the experience of the producers goes back as far as 20 years. With the success of our production “The Bobbsey Twins Go to Hell” in 2006, we’re planning a repeat performance with our new production, “Population 2”.

For more information about Moon Tribe Studios and our other work, go to:




Please send your headshot and resume to:


Write “Pop2 Auditions” in the subject line. Don’t forget to include your 15 minute time slot.

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