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UPDATED: Free Portamento (Sliding) Violin and CELLO also for Reason 3+

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Alright, time for another freebie. =)

:: Custom Violin ::

...is a bending/sliding Violin Combi for Reason 3+. Here are some samples:





Here is the link to the download of the Violin patch (800KB)


The zip includes the Custom Violin Combi with the addition of the RSN demo file for the samples above.

Rotary 2 is rigged to the amount of portamento on the violin so you can make the power of the sliding between notes dynamic throughout your songs.

Rotary 1 is rigged to expression/volume.

Also, the range works for Viola as well (goes down to C2), as you can hear that I used a second Custom Violin for the Viola part in the first 2 samples.

Thanks for downloading.


:: Custom Cello ::




Download (1000KB/1MB)


More info later...don't have the time right now.

Thanks again for downloading. =) Leave a little feedback.


Please bump this topic if you like it and would like to see more. =)

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