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  1. Great stuff Rayza. =) Love the sound you've cranked out here.
  2. Hello there, I go by the alias of markhansavon. I am a composer with more than 8 years of midi experience, and 2 years of intensive ear training study. My main focus is in creating really solid melodies, and it's what I enjoy the most in music creation. I'm looking for someone to create accompaniment/orchestrate my melodies. In return, you would receive, with me, all of the rights to use the final song. Here is a sample of my work. I only created the melody and harmony of this song. It was orchestrated and mp3ed by someone else: - Main Theme for a Final Fantasy Fan-Game. - Any style of music works. - Skill level doesn't matter as much. In fact, it's even better if you're looking to improve your art of orchestration, but working in notation (even if you do input it with your keyboard) would be greatly preferred. - You'll most likely need a DAW or Notation Software, like Sonar, that will show midi tags/markers. I make two tracks, firstly the melody, then the harmony, then I write all of the chords within the song. If you would like to collaborate with me, just pm me, e-mail me at markhansavon@aol.com or aim me at markhansavon. Thanks for your time. =)
  3. Thanks for watching. =) I think you guys will really like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxBf_Yre7xg
  4. Definitely an improved version of the previous one I had. Lacuna Coil - Closer Cover Song. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/301228
  5. Wow, very cool. =D I like the variation throughout the song. It doesn't have a specific melody or anything, which I'm usually a huge fan of, so maybe I would suggest working on creating a kind of melody in there somewhere that repeats at least a little bit. But it's really cool how it doesn't stay the same throughout the entire thing. Pretty inspiring.
  6. Hmmm...I see...I didn't mean to heat up the thread or anything...sorry about that. x_x Well, personally, I thought it was orchestrated great for a midi composition. A lot of times in East West Orchestra and VSL Vienna Orchestral sampled mock-ups there's this glossy-ness to the strings, which you don't hear in this one. It sounds clean and pure. That's what I hear. It's like listening the soundtrack of a wii or gamecube game sound-wise, and music wise it's like it could actually fit in a zelda game. I'm like you, though. I like to consider composition to be my field. That's why having a hardware synth (keyboard) over software samples is probably better for you. If you make a song that you really know is great, and would sound amazing with really good samples, you actually might be able to find someone on this or other communities that could help you out with creating an orchestral mock-up (so that you don't necessarily have to bother with samples). Or, if you're working a high paying job, you may just consider paying a sound programmer.
  7. I want to get back to the song, for other people to listen to it and see what they think or feel of the song....but... I agree with the point that you are making, maybe it would sound better with realistic samples. For a lot of people, that's definitely the goal, to get better at mixing samples together to get the most realistic recording possible. I know what you are saying, and it is definitely very helpful to anyone that wants to improve in creating realistic mock-ups with samples. I would think, though, that it's all about what you want, or what you intend for. - To improve in music composition. - To improve at realistic mock-ups. (sample mixing/arrangement) - To advertise a bit of your music online so that more people can hear and appreciate your composition. - To advertise a bit of your music online so that more people can hear and appreciate your realistic mock-ups or ability with mixing samples together. - a bit of both - To post up on the internet just for the heck of it They are different goals, and if Peach is ok with how it sounds, maybe he or she would actually like to improve on composition, or maybe just advertise a bit of his or her music, though it doesn't look like the focus is sample mixing/arrangement. And also, a lot of people do really enjoy sampled music over realistic music, and it's all about enjoyment anyway isn't it? I mean...midi is fun. It should always be about enjoyment and fun over improvement, in my opinion.
  8. Actually, Neblix, I would have to say that it sounds just fine with these midi samples. There are many soundtracks, from what I've heard, that change from midi samples to a real orchestra and start sounding a lot less bright. A real orchestra, sonically speaking, is much heavier than a midi one. So, for this particular song, I would say it works perfectly. Some examples in where a real orchestra made things heavier are Dragon Quest 8, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, Twilight Princess or the anime Naruto: Shippuden (Naruto had sampled strings, which seemed lighter than heavier) There are many modern games that use midi over real orchestra to get a brighter, lighter, feeling (loads of wii games). The less complicated the sound sonically, the lighter the feeling. The more realistic reverb something has, the more complicated the sound gets. That's how I see it. midi samples are beautiful, and they should be used more often. It adds diversity. =) So, as I hear it, it's perfectly fine. And as Gario heard it, it's perfectly fine.
  9. That actually sounds kind of cool. I see that your screen name is "peach". Does that also mean you're into other things nintendo (as far as soundtracks go)?
  10. Nice. Is it going to be a game that people might be able to perhaps...play on their computers? (dumb question I know, but still legitimate I hope)
  11. Thanks Peach. =) Alright, so here's the next song in the series of Static Reduction Demos I'll be doing. It's a cover of Lacuna Coil's "Closer". It's very much a remix (much different than the original). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJfmKzxKgfE
  12. Thanks, that's all I really needed to know anyway. =) I know that the samples themselves don't sound the best of the best (the lead guitars aren't guitars, but distorted organs), but the template I've made in reason has really allowed me to just play around and easily create rock songs. I just need to know how it sounds generally, as I've been listening to the song about a thousand times today.
  13. Oh, my apologies, you're using the Phantom. Nice stuff. Keyboards are far superior to software sample libraries in my opinion because of ease of use. Once you get a good orchestral template up and running you should just be able to use that with a couple added patches without having to resort to the hellish east west quantum leap libraries. (they seriously bogged me down when I had them x_x) The best part isn't the orchestration though...well that is definitely one of the pluses. It's the song though, the composition, the music, not the sound, that really stands out here. It sounds very very Koji Kondo-ish. You should make an music video or play the game, turn down the volume, and try out your song in zelda 64, windwaker, or twilight princess. I bet it'd work just perfectly.
  14. I just wanted to post saying, wow this is awesome. =) I'm serious. The only thing is that the orchestral samples sound a bit synthy, but the thing about that is that you shouldn't worry about it so much. (I feel you could be fiddling around iwth samples for years not being satisfied with it/typical artists syndrom) Good day to you. =)
  15. Great stuff. =) Love the song. Very much cold blooded. Is there, perhaps, an mp3 or higher quality version that we could view? About the sonic properties of the sample... I really can't give much critique. As it is, it's perfect. The thing is, maybe you could raise this or that, but that would alter the style of it, and I don't think it would improve anything sonically, it would just make it sound a tad bit different from the original (but of course it would be the same song no matter what you do to it).
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