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Loss of Myself - FF9 Loss of Me / Rose of May

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My only complaint would be the lack of dynamics throughout the entire piece. The lack of velocity control coupled with the rigid rhtyhm of the song makes it sound too mechanical for such a natural arrangement. However upon listening to the original version, I would have the same complaint about it. However I think a piano can get away with it where a flute cannot.

Overall, a very fun and lively adaptation with plenty of original elements.

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not a lot of variation in the arrangement, and quite a bit of direct repetition. don't be afraid to include some more original writing in your remixes.

drum patterns sound mechanical and have some odd rhythms that take the waltzy feel away from the tune. sequencing is a bit stiff and the samples could still use quite a bit of work in the realism department. not a bad effort, keep practicing and your craft will improve :<

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