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  1. Why do I feel like I just re-installed windows xp?
  2. The intro definately sets it up right! But now I'm going to complain that maybe a little too thick of midtones and reverb on the synth.
  3. My apologies... I was mistaking it for the chorus and delay. The introductory sound effect seems to have some reverb in it and it just carried over in my mind I suppose. But I still feel that an establishment of key through a simple bassline would help. Knowing the source, and having listened to the song twice now, it isn't necessary. But on first listen, it takes a couple of repetitions through the first 3-4 measures to realize where "home" is. Also to add.... now that it's morning, nobody's alseep and I can crank this up... very nice.
  4. One short comment... Too much reverb, and the lack of a prominent baseline makes it hard for the listener to get their bearings right off the bat as to the key of the track within the barrage of sound and accidentals.
  5. I find it impossibly difficult to listen to an artist I like and then figure out what software package they are working with. It seems that information is already collected in the workshop area, why not make it a click or two away from a mix page, or artist page?
  6. Just two points... 56 seconds of exactly the same thing, over and over. No progression. No growth. No development. I really think that's a bad idea. If it takes nearly a full minute to hear even one new element within a dozen repetitions of a 2-measure riff, they may not care to listen any further. No use of dynamics. A common deliquency in sequenced pieces. When meshed with the rigid rhythm it makes the song very mechanical. If that's what you want, that's fine. But a song like this is about expression, and so I think it needs more of it.
  7. Still having trouble on the release... but the downbeat I can agree with. That's been changed in my workspace... as with the synthesizer and some dynamics on the guitar. Still messing with it a bit.
  8. I've tried but I'm having a hard time hearing the releases you mentioned. Can you give me a time code? Ill be back to work on this in a few days to clean it up.
  9. Absolutely love this until about 1:30.... then I feel a great idea was put to waste and replaced with mindless repetition.
  10. My only complaint would be the lack of dynamics throughout the entire piece. The lack of velocity control coupled with the rigid rhtyhm of the song makes it sound too mechanical for such a natural arrangement. However upon listening to the original version, I would have the same complaint about it. However I think a piano can get away with it where a flute cannot. Overall, a very fun and lively adaptation with plenty of original elements.
  11. Great! But you left off the best part of the song. The arpeggio (I think) measures at the end.
  12. I should add... for those unfamiliar with the tune, here is a link to the original version on youtube.
  13. I'm a longtime fan of OCR and after years I got in the mood to try my very own. I've been composing for several, several years but this is the first time I've ever tried a game remix. As my victim I chose one of my favorite games, Ico. This remix is done with Reason 3.0 http://www.harlanwebsitedesign.com/brandongoins/music/Girl in the white dress (Unfinished).mp3 I just finished the basic composition and would appreciate any and all comments as I begin to work on polishing the arrangement, mixing, mastering, etc.
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