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Final Fantasy 3/6 celes opera house w/male lead


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As the title hopefully suggests, I would like to see a version of the song done in a similar classical style, except with altered lyrics, and a male singer (me, and not singing about a man named draco :D). I have heard most all the songs from the game here on the site, and nobody has yet to attempt a male lead, or even a female lead for that matter on that song. Furthermore, as far as male singers on the site go, none of them used the style I hope to use on a remix like this one, which would have a more opera Josh Groban/Il Divo style of singing. While I'm no Josh Groban quite yet, I think in the end the remixer tackling this project will find my vocals to be more than adequate for what I'm proposing. Or so my confidence is leading me to believe. I am currently in the process of writing up the new lyrics which for now will follow the original flow of the song from the game, and original feel of lost love/hopeful future with gender roles reversed. Everything is subject to change at the given remixers request and own offerings of ideas to the hopeful future project. I am very flexible, and very open to new ideas of all kinds, though I would like to keep the singing style as intended in order to bring something new to the table of lyricals for the site, oh yeah, criticisms always welcome.

PS: I will be leaving for vacation in about 3 hrs, and will be out of touch until the first week of January or so. I will poke my head in and check for messages or replies if I am able to, but internet access and availability will be unknown until I get there. Thank you very much for the time, and for the consideration. Adieu.

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