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  1. Congratulations to everyone involved in the competition. It was an absolute pleasure reading all of your poems. I know im going to enjoy my time here in this thread. . Until next time. -Trieason
  2. Ahh, that is perfectly fine. Thanks for the clarification, and I will do my part to be ready to submit during the appropriate time periods. Until then, adieu. Edit: ummmm....is there an appropriate way to vote? or do I just say it here? Just incase, I vote for "poets". If there is a more discreet way of voting I apologize in advance. -Trieason
  3. Well, I read the rules of this thing and perhaps its the slight amount of alcohol in my system, but I dont think I understood something fully...It mentioned every other month there being a competition, but there is still time left in the month of december, yet it seems you are not able to submit anymore. I dont get it, but im going to put up my poem anyway, and if its too late, then I will submit it again at a future time once I understand what is going on hehe. If nothing else, I hope its enjoyed all the same and hope to have it apart of a competition at one point or another if not this one. Adieu. Hopeful Presence When I look into your eyes, I can feel a deep and lonely sorrow, When I hold you in my arms, I feel the wish for better tomorrows, The situation doesnt matter, In the end its up to you, Will you stay and hold onto the past, Or will you turn and start anew, Every moment inbetween, The heartaches and the tears, Are precious moments to be had, Live them peaceful, without fears, Someday youll come to realize, This moment is always here, Why relive pains from yesterday, When now you can find cheer. -Trieason
  4. wonderful!! I loved listening to something in a fashion I imagined for a long time. This recent vision was for a new lyrical layout. I loved how you made the lyrics work in the places where it seemed to not have enough syllables. I enjoyed singing along with you.
  5. As the title hopefully suggests, I would like to see a version of the song done in a similar classical style, except with altered lyrics, and a male singer (me, and not singing about a man named draco ). I have heard most all the songs from the game here on the site, and nobody has yet to attempt a male lead, or even a female lead for that matter on that song. Furthermore, as far as male singers on the site go, none of them used the style I hope to use on a remix like this one, which would have a more opera Josh Groban/Il Divo style of singing. While I'm no Josh Groban quite yet, I think in the end the remixer tackling this project will find my vocals to be more than adequate for what I'm proposing. Or so my confidence is leading me to believe. I am currently in the process of writing up the new lyrics which for now will follow the original flow of the song from the game, and original feel of lost love/hopeful future with gender roles reversed. Everything is subject to change at the given remixers request and own offerings of ideas to the hopeful future project. I am very flexible, and very open to new ideas of all kinds, though I would like to keep the singing style as intended in order to bring something new to the table of lyricals for the site, oh yeah, criticisms always welcome. PS: I will be leaving for vacation in about 3 hrs, and will be out of touch until the first week of January or so. I will poke my head in and check for messages or replies if I am able to, but internet access and availability will be unknown until I get there. Thank you very much for the time, and for the consideration. Adieu.
  6. I wanted to take this time to thank Liontamer for the assistance in getting me back my much loved username, its been way too long. Its quite empowering everything working out so smoothly and having the "road opened up" as far as using the name I always intended for the site, and for future things to come. I said I would be grateful for the assistance, and this post is my small way of showing that appreciation. To OCR's community, and to the moderators who help keep it running smoothly, Thank you. Its good to be back.
  7. Hello, many years ago back when I first discovered OCR, maybe 02 or 03, I created a username Trieason. For whatever reason, I used a password I could not remember, and an email that apparently was something different from what it should of been. Which was Trieason@gmail.com. I was hoping to lend my voice to future remixes, but refuse to do this under any other name other than the one I originally created for music. Trieason was my creation from Tri from Tritoch, and eason from Reason, the program I started with. If a moderator can help me retrieve my old name, I would be most greatful. Thank you.
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