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Any Fast Track Ultra users here?


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I've been using one for quite some time now, and some months ago it decided to not work probably:

after a year of use, with everything working properly.... suddenly my pc (windows xp) won't recognize the FTU if I turn it on while wall powered.... I have to disconnect it, unplug the power chord and reconnect it again. it's then recognized, however, if I try to switch back to wall power, it'll recognize as being wall powered (as the "power mode (current):" will say "wall powered"), but it'll keep on working as if it was being bus powered, only 2 ins/outs.

can anyone help me?

thanks in advance

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I've got a FTU, but I only use it when playing with my band, which really isn't very often lately, so I've yet to encounter any gripes with it. That definitely sounds like a bizarre issue, though. Have you hit up the M-audio support forums?


They have a sticky titled "Fast Track Ultra - Device not recognized or loses connection with system". Not sure if it pertains to your particular issue, but it might be worth trudging through. Hope you get it resolved though, for sure. I like M-Audio pretty well, they've always been really good to me. Hopefully they'll take care of you.

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