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  1. Yeah, they're pretty bad, but it's what I could afford in 2006 (free soundfonts)
  2. Bumping bc I'm seriously shocked this hasn't been 200% funded already. Mazedude is awesome <3
  3. $100 is what Chipsounds costs. And this has WAY more to offer than Chipsounds. (I am a long-time Chipsounds user).
  4. wowza. Groovy and flattering, two of my favorite sensations! Thanks timaeus!!
  5. Man I haven't been on the server in ages. I need to touch up Disney World.
  6. Wow, I feel like pulling this thread out of the archive is like pulling out an impossible lower tile in Jenga, haha
  7. What exactly was up with the Johnny Cash trailer? That didn't fit at all to me. At any rate, I'm really excited for the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe.
  8. Seems there's a problem with their site and you can't actually buy these anymore. I guess I missed the sale?
  9. Most current one is Pikmin 3. Pikmin 2 was incredible, but I find Pikmin 3's controls clunky and frustrating, plus the lack of the bus-whistle command to make them line up behind you. I think I'm even at the last boss, but it's quite a frustrating endeavor since I've managed to get through the entire rest of the game without ever feeling truly comfortable with the controls, and then I run out of daylight and have to try and skip through another several minutes of boring unnecessary cutscenes, that I think I just ragequit the game and don't really have any interest in picking it back up. Again, very disappointing considering how much I liked Pikmin 2. There's a few more for me, but I'll just leave it at that one for now.
  10. Question, it says on the Club Nintendo site that a Wii U is worth 160 points, but I don't seem to recall seeing how I could register it. I did register MK8 so I could get the free game, but yeah. No idea how that works.
  11. Yeah, I snagged Nintindoland and ZombiU from Amazon, $23 and 13 respectively. Haven't played ZombiU yet, but Nintindoland is incredibly fun. Great party game.
  12. I sorta disagree about the Pro Controller as well. Similar to some of my beef with the Gamepad, I don't like that the buttons are below the thumbstick. They're trying to reinvent the wheel. Over a decade of training in using controllers the other way really make their decision to innovate something that people don't want/need innovated bother me a lot. Instead, I snagged one of these guys. Less than half the price, and has the thumbstick where it should be. http://www.amazon.com/Pro-Commander-Wii-U-Nintendo/dp/B00ANHBJBY Beth, my Nintendo ID should be obvious without me posting it And yeah, you'll probably destroy me at MK8. It does not skid as well as Double Dash, and so I'm still pretty bad at it haha
  13. I'm already pretty heavily invested in Toontrack's stuff, and I have AD1, so I dunno if I can personally justify snagging the upgrade, but were that not the case for me, I'd probably snag it immediately. AD1 is a great plugin, I used to use it all the time!
  14. I am Big Giant Something and I endorse this product or event.
  15. So I finally snagged one, the MK8 deal was too good to pass up. I grabbed Pikmin 3 as my free game. So far, it's a decent system. Though, I still maintain that Nintendo is still generally poop when it comes to a good solid controller design. The Gamepad is aight, but aside from the inverted ABXY buttons (using the far right A button as the most primary button), my beef is that it just doesn't fit a natural hand layout. In Pikmin, there's times where I'd have to alternate between hitting A and "-" and RZ to skip quickly through scenes and it just felt clunky. Anyway, I've only really played 3 games on it, so time will tell how much I really enjoy it. But it's decent so far, I don't regret buying it.
  16. Sixto isn't even a real guitarist. I heard he just uses a lot of ISW Shreddage yaoming.jpg lulz
  17. Awesome, I didn't realize Anamanaguchi was going to be there. Nifty.
  18. OP is updated with my panel's info. OCR panel info coming soon.
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