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Linebeck I - Hero (Zelda:Phantom Hourglass)


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It's been a super long time since I've tried remixing something... so avast, here is Linebecks theme... except more dramatic.



I have a rough piano/orchestral rearrangement of Linebeck's theme from Phantom Hourglass. I had been meaning to remix it somehow and forgot about it until I started playing through Spirit Tracks when I heard the tune again. :) Linebeck is by far one of my favorite characters in Zelda and his theme is so jovial, silly, and memorable.

I wanted to make a tune that was a little more dramatic. It's still got a lot of work to do, and I realize it cuts out at the end, but its because its not done! Ha!

I'm liking the sound I'm getting from the piano. I'm happy so far with that part... took what seems forever to get just right though. The whole thing needs quite a bit of polish. I'm particularly concerned with the percussion and strings towards the end, with how they kind of just show up out of nowhere, so I need to work on building them up a little before their entrance. I also want to have at least a few instruments in there, and specifically, another instrument playing in the part right at the end... some kind of harmony, I dunno.

I really want to explore different styles with this theme and create a final arrangement that is something you could imagine playing as a legendary sea captain sails by. Yes, I realize its completely out of character for Linebeck, but that's the fun.

Anyway, what do you think? Ideas? Suggestions? I don't do the orchestral thing often so ... I probably could use a little kick in the right direction.

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i think the beginning needs something more to it than just the piano.

I mean, a short intro is fine with a piano soli, but it sounds like the piano is just playing background to some other instrument's solo/soli.

You mention the abrupt entrance of the strings; I agree. Here, in the beginning is a good spot to put them, to introduce. Don't have them just regurgitate the theme, have them play around in the the chord progression's ballpark. Improvise and wing it, essentially.

The part that begins around 1:30 is pretty good, to my ears. I wouldn't change it, but hey, that's me.

I think, personally, that should be the 'climax' of your song, so to speak. Throw in a few supporting instruments in there, and have what comes before and after being variations on what comes at that moment, where the theme comes in full force.

That's just my opinions on the song, so take them as you will.

The main thing is the beginning part is seriously underwhelming. That's the part to fine-tune, if any. But mainly good, though.

OCR-worthy, well, that's for the judges to decide.

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