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Doom Builder and custome WADs


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I havent seen any threads about this, and I know there are lots of Doom 2 fans over here, at least of its music :P

But I love to make stages for Doom, I used to have loads of stages made my me, but I lost them in an old hard drive that died. So I started again.

For those of you who have no idea how to make a Doom stage, just go and download Doom Builder 2 from here:


All you need to make stages is DB2 and at least 1 of the doom.wad files that comes with the game, and a doom engine like ZDoom or Skulltag (my favorite). They will tel you play Doom in windows and with some added bonuses like mouse look, jump, and crouch, plus some more cool stuff.

Is very simple to make stages and loads of fun.

Well here is the link to my stage, if you wanna give it a try:

Stairs of Death

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