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Hitman CN47 - Jungle Resonance (WIP)


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Definately sounding great so far, but the jungle sample needs some tempo adjustment, just can't seem to get it close to PERFECT yet. I dunno, if it's not the tempo, then perhaps it's how I have it placed on the Master track. This track is showing a lot of promise, let me know your thoughts.

http://soundcloud.com/dbrown1986/hitman-cn47-jungle-rezonance (Version 1)

http://soundcloud.com/dbrown1986/hitman-cn47-jungle-rezonance-version-2 (Version 2 - Slight variance in track placement)

Tools Used:

FL Studio 9 XXL P.E.

Adobe Audition CS3

Game Information:

Game: Hitman - Codename 47

Composer: Jesper Kyd

Original Song:

- 1:36 into the video.
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Ya. I think it might be good to pick up the tempo a little. I like your instrumentation for the background pads, arps, and whatnot. I'm not a real fan of that solo synth though. A couple of things. In order for this arrangement to pass the panel, you will need to do more than just repeat the verse with different instruments if you know what I mean. There will either need to be some more interpretation or some really interesting drum work. You're off to a good start, but keep these suggestions in mind as you work on it. I look forward to an update.

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I'm a big fan of the Hitman series and it's soundtracks. Jesper Kyd is one of my favorite game music composers, who pays attention to both arrangement and sound production in all of his official compositions.

So, I'm really impressed with the sound production of this track considering the tools that you are using. This definitely sounds professional enough to be featured in an official work. I'm really enjoying the arrangement into a dance/techno track. The vibe is fantastic maintaining the reserved tempo and minimalistic stylings of the original track. The introduction beats are cool, which remind me a lot of the same drum beats used in "Tecks Mecks" from the Killer7 soundtrack by Masafumi Takada (minus the funky bass synth).

The lead synth is definitely one of the weaker aspects of the track, being that it starts off in the low range and continually slides lower and lower, muddying the original melody. In fact, when I first heard the arrangement I couldn't recognize the melody as being from Hitman Codename 47. While it works well when doing a side-by-side track comparison with the original, I feel that the lead could definitely start at a higher range.

Another possible improvement could also include starting at a higher range and gliding down the scale via a pitch modulation or pitch bend. It would definitely add a little more character and variance to the track, at least during the opening section (0:38 - 0:57) if not in the latter sections.

Otherwise, I just think that the lead is lacking in appeal or interest, possibly due to a lack of harmonic elements to accompany the melody. (However, that's not to say that the track doesn't contain any harmonic elements or that those that are present are ineffective or uninteresting. In fact, the ones that are present are fantastically subtle, such as just before the third melody section [1:49 -1:52]. Rockin' Alpha.) There just needs to be more emphasis on the melody to make it more immediately recognizable.

One lingering question I have with the WIP concerns the momentum of the piece, not necessarily with the tempo or beat, but with the overall direction of the piece. While the general tone suggests a subtle piece of electronica that builds slowly and with decorum, I cannot help but feel that the piece is leading me in the direction of some sort of musical punctuation/conclusion. I'm concerned that without more variation and development in the later, unfinished sections, a conflict if you will, this piece will feel more like a run-on sentence, if you'll pardon the metaphor.

Granted the track isn't finished yet as it only sounds about half complete, I think it's off to a great start. Keep up the good work and I'll be keeping an eye out for more of your works later.

Peace, Love and Good Luck!

[Edit] For submission purposes, please note that the title of the original work is "Dark Jungle" as listed on the original soundtrack (Catalogue #: LLLCD 1030).

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