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    I started composing music on a Korg Keyboard at the age of eleven and have been putting together my own compositions since then.

    As of 2013, I have begun studying Music Theory and Production at Portland Community College.
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  1. http://archeonindustries.com/files/DJ H3L10S%2C Yasunori Mitsuda - The Jewel That Begot Destiny.mp3 Sorry for the wait. Just saw your post Rozovian.
  2. Sorry to bump, been a little over a year and no critique on this one. Any thoughts?
  3. It's been a long time since I last posted anything on OCR; and when I used to, I was still learning a lot about MT. After some inspiration, I composed a remix of 600 AD from Chrono Trigger. Let me know what you think could use some work. Highs, lows, mids, clipping, etc etc. I think the lows need a little work, but your opinions on where and what else; would be great. http://tindeck.com/listen/bxvhn The name was inspired by a few things: The Jewel = The Pendant. That Begot = gave rise to; brought about. Destiny = What the party achieved.
  4. Updated. Made some immense changes to the track. See OP. Drums still need something IMHO.
  5. Big thanks Rozovian, just one last request. That's a lot to digest. Keeping in mind that I'm only in Fundamentals at the moment, could you break that down into something a little closer to english and perhaps even make a bullet list? I know my arrangements need a lot of work, but my ADD/ADHD and Aspergers pretty much lead my mind into a chaos of anxiety when trying to digest information and especially my music lessons in class. I know what most of the terms mean, but a lot of it just gets lost on me because my mind ends up backwards when I try and study (blarg! I need pills to calm my butt down 'er something). Strangely enough though, after I study, about a week later I have most of it down, as if my brain rearranged and made sense of it all.
  6. Moved to Mod Review. I've taken this track pretty far, and near as I can tell, it needs a little mastering (some muddiness here and there) and even a little break from the source. I have thrown in quite a bit of creative measures and phrases, but the source still seems very dominant. Any ideas/crits?
  7. Updated again. Actually included a spliced and in-key version of Gato's Theme to add some diversion to the norm as well as compliment the liveliness. Also because it's the tracks namesake.
  8. Added some more to the original track. Please check it out and let me know what you think .
  9. A hearty remix of The Day The Earth Revived with some synths and percussion that reminded me of Gato: I have been taking music theory since my past explorations into music and my own cynical attempts to have something accepted to OCR in the past. I was working in my DAW and experimenting with percussion and drums while playing Chrono Trigger on my PSX. As I began creating a pretty nice drum beat, I was at the part in the game where you bring the seed back to the inhabitants of Arris Dome and the theme (of which I have heard and whistled so many times before) struck me as a least remixed theme on OCR's CT page and inspired me to use the drum beat I already made to make a kind of uplifting version of the original track. The further along I have gotten with the arrangement, the more I noticed a lot of the synths and leads sounded like Gato's Theme, hence the name of the arrangement. I do believe I accomplished making the track seem a little more lively, atmospheric and perhaps even a little cheery, again, where the name came from. Listen on Tindeck Update 4: Some adjustments to arrangement and synths. Update 5: Added a spliced/in-key version of Gato's theme Update 6: Adjustments to time signatures, key signatures and instruments/synths. Also added a little delay to gato synth and EQ'd the kick & gato synth. Update 7: Complete re-arrangement and re-work of track, some effects changes, transitions and EQ applied, raised low/mid, raised high a tiny bit. First track that I made with my new PreSonus I/O. Let me know what you think.
  10. http://tindeck.com/listen/fhyt Latest. My personal feelings: Good solid mix but feels like a lot of the creativite elements in this track drown out the ACTUAL map theme . Maybe I should tone them down a bit. Also, I know I've been away awhile. Sorry bout that, got a real life job as a DJ so shits been busy . Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Critique? Thank you.
  11. Good upbeat Techno/Hardstyle type of mix going on here. Not very good with throwing in my own elements and want to know if anyone would like to throw in a start and finish 'cuz all I got right now is just the source of the song. Listen: http://tindeck.com/listen/gwrb
  12. I would love to meet the man behind the music. I'm in it to win it in Portland, OR. So; being on the West Coast, L.A. here I come!!! Written on his wall 6 minutes ago... My FB is http://www.facebook.com/dbrown1986 BTW...Love you guys! I'm going to share this on Facebook!!!
  13. That's the #1 thing I hate about FL Studio too, is that what you export to MP3 never sounds like what you have on your mixer and the fact that you import a 120bpm loop into a song that's 120bpm and it isn't synched with the song, so you make adjustments to the time/tempo of the loop and in doing so; the stretch makes the loop sound quite shitty. I have yet to have any of the many songs I have done accepted by the judging panel, even those that I have poured a lot of work into. Two of my songs have been considered PASSABLE by the JP but have too much of the "Source" material. While I understand that OCR is a lot about bringing a new touch to VG music, I don't think it's true to the original when a remix has 1/8 of the source, I guess what I am saying is if I'm not much of a skilled musician and I'm not ready to get into the big leagues there isn't much I can do with my experience level. Yes, everyone's criticism is VERY helpful, but I suppose it would help if I understood what people meant, and I don't, like cutting the mid-range clutter, frequency ranges, compression, excess lows, filtering, dynamics and mixing are all terms I know NOTHING about, which makes me think I'm in a strange place where I don't belong and I'm trying too hard. Maybe I should take musical theory, but I can't afford school (even with FAFSA and loans). I don't blame the software for not having a way to do these things automatically, I blame the fact that their documentation doesn't help very much with the aforementioned things, not to mention that there are far too few tutorials for those just starting with FL can thoroughly understand.
  14. Yet Another... ...Remix ReMixer: DJ H3L10S Real Name: David Brown User ID: 30784 Name of game(s) arranged: Chrono Trigger Name of arrangement: Hard Zeal Name of individual song(s) arranged: Corridors of Time Original Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda System(s): SNES, PSX, DS. Link to the original soundtrack: http://ocremix.org/chip/6132, http://youtu.be/Xsj5xjoLXtE A good mix so far, I like the direction it's going, good drum loop, nice portomento (slide) and I even included the famous "but you're still hungry..." sound. My concerns are that some parts of it seem a little crude, the drum loop seems to be cracking a little bit (maybe too loud), a lot of the elements of this track are blending together at certain points, there are some loops that end up louder than everything else at certain points and the tempo (112) may be a little too slow (I think 120 might be better). Phew! I think I covered just about all the things I need to fix; but before I go any further, I would like some words from the community. So HAVE AT IT! Gimme your criticism! Hey! Listen! 112 BPM (The reason for such an odd tempo = it closely matched the source) http://tindeck.com/listen/jngw 120BPM (More progressive) http://tindeck.com/listen/dvmn
  15. Ok nvm on that. I'm an idiot and didn't realize that there were more pages to the thread. I'm currently listening to: (NEW) OCR Revision #12: http://www.tindeck.com/listen/uedo (Snare adjustments). I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so awesome!!!!!! I'm going to d/l it right now and copy it to my external in case something horrible should happen to this computer. I don't know if it was just you working on this track by yourself, or if others helped, but whatever the case, THANKS A MILLION!!!! :D

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