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Now youre playing with powar 9 released!

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hey all you guys, i know i dont post too much here on ocr but i wanted to let you all know the new temp sound solutions cd is available! our 9th video game cover cd is out now and it is something else! mainly genesis/snescentric, 'now youre playing with powar 9: welcome to the next leval' is undoubtedly one of the strongest in the entire series! without further ado, the tracklisting and samples and stuff.


01 - phantasy star 3 opening

02 - wwwwrasslemania (make you humble)

03 - block out

06 - ecco the dolphin island zone

07 - sonic labrynth zone

08 - columbus

10 - shadowgate

11 - uninvited

12 - nintendo wifi channel

13 - area 88 the cave

15 - super fantasy zone

16 - phantasy star 2 mystery and violation

17 - phantasy star 4 terrible sight

18 - smb3

19 - phantasy star 3 staff roll

if you missed us at magfest, and you live in the tri-state area and like anime then you're lucky, because we're also playing katsucon this year and we may be announcing another larger convention type event appearance in the next few weeks here as well too.

we sincerely hope you guys enjoy the new music. really our focus is to rock as many heads and get as much of a thumbsup from as many people in life as possible. charge karma plus and share good times and experiences and have a great time in what we do. hopefully a bunch of us will end up seeing each other again at katsucon in a few weeks! take care everybody!

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