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  1. Posted my location, then noticed that the OCR facebook pimped Around the World as appropriate listening music for looking at the map.
  2. *deletes his Austrian Death Machine albums*
  3. Isn't there some guy from the forums here who's actually FROM the town that does Groundhog Day?
  4. Project M APEX 2014 recap video put out by the PMBR. Uses The Whip's Memory by TheGuitahHeroe as backing music.
  5. Right after Nintendo Power died, a group of journalists/writers/bloggers/artists in the Nintendo community and created Nintendo Force Magazine, the spiritual successor to NP. After a successful first year, they're turning to Kickstarter to fund the printing of their second year and also organize subscriptions for the next year. I just checked out the current issue and really enjoyed it. There's was a great article/interview about Shovel Knight and even a two page spread on Project M! I think it carries the legacy of NP pretty well and was a very entertaining and informative read on it's own. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/910078610/nf-magazine-year-2-subscriptions
  6. Now musicians everywhere can say they were rejected by the GRAMMY AWARD WINNING OCR Judges' Panel! Much congratulations on the award!
  7. And if you guys are taking requests for covering OCR tracks (like OCU's Terra in Black cover): . I've always imagined that song would work well closer to a punk rock style, like something The Offspring or Bad Religion would play.Also that remix has AWFUL vocals and needs needs NEEDS something better
  8. Download the launcher again, it was stealth updated to fix the wi-fi issues. And there is a 3.02, it was also stealth launched to fix a problem with Kirby's Lucario hat freezing him in place when trying to cancel out of Aura Sphere. It also moves all the names on the CSS back in proper place now that the color selection bars are gone (which I'm kinda bummed about, actually).
  9. Bump for new version (3.02) and a brand new launcher (1.04) that can update/patch the game without needing to download the entire mod from the website!
  10. Here's my video footage of The Megas set from this year's MAG.
  11. Hold R when selecting Bowser to play through the whole match as Giga Bowser. Don't tell your friends before the match starts and watch them freak out when it happens.
  12. I love that the final tracklist has not one, but two references to the same Scorpions song.
  13. Same here, going again for my 4th mag, can't wait to see people. Also Machinae Supremacy. But also OCR people. But seriously, did you hear Machinae Supremacy is playing? That's really awesome. Oh yeah, right. OCR people. Hope to say hi. MACHINAE SUPREMACY HOLY SHIT
  14. Wow! What a release! Worth every penny! Great job, OCR! I knew I should've gave my money to the OUYA...
  15. $100,015. I did it. EDIT: Ok, so maybe Mirby beat me to it, haha. The important thing is, congratulations on hitting the second stretch goal!
  16. I know it's silly, but I'm sitting here refreshing the kickstarter page because I want to be the one to bring it over $100,000. Just a little more to go...
  17. Good thing I got one of Deia's OverClocked University shirts at the Otakon panel. I'm repping a band before their official debut! That makes me, like, uber hipster. I'll be at MAGFest again this year, btw. Wouldn't miss it for the world.
  18. Way to not watch the project video, me.
  19. What I wanna know is, are there still relevant copyrights to Bad Dudes? If they're directly calling this game Bad Dudes 2, then they better make sure they won't get slapped with any lawsuits.
  20. Sorta related, but there's an indy pro wrestling legend in the PA area who goes by the name of Lord Zoltan. So I'm gonna think of a shirtless old man in spandex and facepaint whenever I see your username from now on. Also welcome back.
  21. Despite whatever preconceived notion or reputation you might have heard about it, video game fans should check out Ian Flynn's run on Sonic the Hedgehog, starting with issue #160. He's really done a great job in shaping the comic into a very entertaining action packed all-ages book with light dramatic moments and excellent dialog. He even manages to make awful Sega characters like Shadow and Silver the Hedgehog into likable characters. Speaking of Archie, their recent Mega Man comic is also worth a look. While still following the art style, plot, and characterization of Mega Man, the book expands on ideas and ethnics of robotics while still remaining light-hearted. For example, in this month's issue (#13), Dr. Light and another character engage in a five-page debate on whether or not emotional attachment should be allowed towards advanced intelligence and the concept of a machine having a soul. It's well written, with neither Dr. Light nor the other professor in the debate being seen as having a wrong opinion. The question is left up to the reader to decide who they think is right. That's pretty deep stuff for a video game tie-in kids' comic. People who follow me on Twitter know that I really enjoy comics, and I often post photos of bizarre comics that I find at flea markets and conventions. My collection isn't massive, and it's also very strange, but if there's interest, I'll post some pics here, too.
  22. Well, you did stroke my arm hair at one point...
  23. I already made my long rambling love post regarding Magfest on another forum, so here's the short version: this was my favorite Magfest yet. The concerts were awesome, the people I met and saw again were awesome, everything was awesome. I love all of you crazy people. Also Uematsu signed my copy of Rad Racer and I am SO giddy about it.
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