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Lava Dome, Boss - Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

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Mystic Quest may have been a poor game, but the music had amazing potential. Unfortunately, the SNES just couldn't fully deliver. So, I'd simply like to request a remix from the game, if any of you are up to the task. To be honest, there are only two truly noteworthy tracks in the game.

The first is "Lava Dome", which just seems like a Metalhead's dream (I play a spanish-acoustic, so can't really play guitar with that "edge" you need for good metal).


The second is the generic "Boss Battle" theme, but the music is anything but generic. Maybe I'm just biased, but that theme still raises the hairs on my arms when I hear it -- I can only imagine what a true remixer could do with that track.


Hats-off to anyone who attempts to breathe new life into these tracks.

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