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  1. Honestly, the scene where Red XIII discovers the truth about his father stands out as the most emotionally powerful scene in the game, maybe even the whole series. But the thing is, I don't feel like there has ever been a cover that really matched the sadness they was conveyed in the scene; it's always super rigid, like they're more focused on mimicking the original tune, rather than adding emotion into the music. I play guitar, but it just doesn't sound the same. I feel like a Cello or Violin would really be perfect, or even a slow piano piece. Something that starts off slow and soft, almost like a whisper, but eventually builds into a loud, forceful sound! Really capture that emotion, sad but also profound and powerful. Anyways, that's my request, and I would be deeply appreciate anyone willing to take the time to try something along those lines! And also, if anybody knows a particularly good cover of it, please share! For those unfamiliar with the track:
  2. Well, there's some good stuff there, but no Sovngarde :*(
  3. This is just an amazing track: Seems like there's a lot of potential for a remix. I'll be honest, I would *KILL* for a Metal, high-octane cover, but there's just a lot of possibility, really.
  4. This is arguably one of the most memorable lyrical-songs to come out of a video-game in the past decade, so it seems odd that it doesn't have a single remix yet! I'm not just talking covers, either. Rather, it's got a pretty catchy melody, which is used several times in the game, the lyrics could obviously be played around with (would love to see Jose the Bronx Rican's take on them), and it just seems like it could be adapted to any number of genres, with or without lyrics.
  5. Man, I would *SO* be into a Launch Base Zone remix! I had forgotten just how damn catchy and funky that track was!
  6. Quite frankly, Mystic Quest has one of the best Soundtracks in Gaming history -- which makes it all the more sad that it's such an overlooked game. Just listen for yourself: That's the Boss Battle theme. I also recommend listening to the (standard) Battle theme, the Final Boss theme, and also Lava Dome. Honestly, this game is ***BEGGING*** for some attention. Any genre of music would be welcome; for such an amazing soundtrack, there's been virtually zero experimentation with the tracks. They all have excellent "hooks" I think, though, so I could seem them working ina variety of styles. So... yeah, my personal request to all you fine folks is just to remix *ANYTHING* from Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
  7. Man, I *LOVE* the style of that one! I'd kill to see it fully-realized with that same beat
  8. This is a great remix, and the lyrics are funny and all, but... Man, the second verse for the "T-block" is sexy and, more importantly, catchy as hell.
  9. Man, this was just a real treat to listen to. I've never even heard the source material before, but I just really enjoyed it. In a way, that probably speaks even more highly; most remixes here, while awesome, are also aided by nostalgia. This one, though, really came across as a solid song. Excellent work!
  10. Seriously, it's *THE* most catchy tune in the entire series, I think (or at least, third, to Armored Armadillo and Wood Man). I can't believe nobody has even attempted to remix this somehow! Do us proud, OCR-community!
  11. I "Liked" all three pages. Honestly, I'm kind of a "closet gamer", so this was definitely something out of the ordinary for me. Still, his music influenced the entire industry, and many of the games he composed I hold near-and-dear to my heart, as I'm sure they do others. I definitely hope I win, but even if not, I owe him far more than a few "Likes" on Facebook.
  12. I gotta say, after several weeks, this may have moved up ot my *very* favorite remix on the site! I swear, *EVERY* time I listen to it, I feel like dancing. And not just Elaine-dancing or club-dancing, but actually busting out the break-dancing and Robot moves. Everything about it, to me, is perfect. It has great pacing, moves seamlessly between sounds... just a fantastic track, that's all there is to say, really.
  13. Glad to see that, in a game with some of the best, rockin'est tunes in the series, that a softer track like this gets a remix. It's just a great remix; nothing else really needs to be said. It's recognizable to the original track, but very subtle, and doesn't put all the chips on some overbearing electric-guitar-solo. It's calm, smooth, and just has a unique feel to it. Very interesting mesh between styles of sound, I can definitely see this is going to be on Repeat for the next several years.
  14. Wow, now *THIS* is what a remix is supposed to be! Take an iconic tune, spice it up, and change it just enough to make you wanna listen to it all over again, while still bringing just enough nostalgia to summon up memories playing the game.
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