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Times of Distortion Tab


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Hi everybody, I've been a fan of OCReMix for a while now but I only now decided to sign up. One of the reasons for this is that I'd love to be able to play one of the songs on this site with my guitar, but I can't find a tab for it (or even it's source material) ANYWHERE. I'm also a guitar noob and I don't know how to tab things myself. The song is called Times of Distortion, a Chrono Trigger ReMix by Thumper.


If anyone happens to know how to play this song, I would greatly appreciate a tab for it. It's one of my favorite songs here, and it doesn't sound too hard to play. Thanks!

P.S. Whenever I click on a new forum, I get automatically logged out... is there a way to fix this, or is it just my browser? Thanks muchly.

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