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  1. Happy B-day Kyoob. Hope you have a safe/enjoyable day.

  2. @Melody: Thanks a bunch man! Your notation was too high for the tab I was using, and it's difficult for me to reach those notes on a classical guitar, but I took the structure of your tab and moved it way down to start on the fifth fret, and it sounds perfect! Thanks again, I never would have figured out the structure... @Prophecy: XD
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a beginner guitarist and I decided to learn Sonic 2's Oil Ocean Zone for fun. I found a great tab for the song that's almost all in the first position, so it was nice and easy to learn. However, the guy that tabbed the song left out the ending D: It's driving me insane... I hate leaving a song unresolved lol Here's the tab: http://www.gametabs.net/sega-genesis/sonic-the-hedgehog-2/oil-ocean-zone And here's the original song: About :46 into the song is the part I'm talking about. Now, since I'm a noob, I can't play by ear at all... could somebody please figure out those last notes for me? Thanks for any help!
  4. Lack of Frank and Mega dude make this roster suspicious.
  5. Yeah I know I'm probably being a little thick... but I've never downloaded from a site like this so yeah. I need to download a song, specifically In the Beginning There Was Jazz, but I can't figure it out lol. I need it to go to my computer or flash drive. Thanks!
  6. Amaterasu confirmed. Hellz yeah. Thor is in too, but who cares about that when we got Ammy?
  7. 1. Companion Cube 2. Zero 3. Meh, I don't really know anyone else on the list on the first page...
  8. I'm sure we can all agree that LoK is epic. And what needs to be done with an epic song from an epic game? Create an epic ReMix of it, of course! For those of you who are unfortunate enough to have not played this series, here is the song to which I refer: This song just screams epic, and the OCReMix community is the only one I know of that can do this song justice, or even surpass it. Just throwin' this out there, hopefully somebody will pick this up


    Alright, thanks for the replies everyone, I'll check these out


    I'm interested in getting into jazz. I've been a rocker dude all my life, but after I heard In the Beginning There Was Jazz by Shnabubula and LSD, I started getting interested in jazz, but I had no idea where to start. A few days later I heard that Hank Jones (of whom I've never heard) died, and he was a jazz pianist. So I checked out some of his work, and I like what I've been hearing so far. Also, I know it isn't straight up jazz, but I love me some Steely Dan So, what are some good jazz bands you'd recommend I check out? Thanks muchly!


    The one and only great anime: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGNyQDMgWMg You're welcome
  12. What's this about a demo? How do I get that? Also, how's the splitscreen mode? I heard it's arena only... is it still good?
  13. I'm not feelin' it here... sure, it's kinda neat, but it feels like sort of cool little time waster that should just be on the side. I mean, how're we gonna get things like blending several songs together, epic guitar solos, original and humorous lyrics, personalized reinterpretations, 7-minute piano improvisations, and all the other stuff that makes each ReMixer and their creations unique? What about ReMixing music from obscure games that no one's ever heard of until someone makes an awesome ReMix out of it? Anyways, I tried out the Remixanator.... and it spat out an incomprehesible cacophony of noise. It was an Abomination. With a capital A.
  14. With movies based on games such as Prince o' Persia and Shadow of the Colossus on the way, it got me to thinkin'... what games would make great movies? Here's my top 5 picks: 1. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver It has the best story I've seen in a video game, badass characters, and cool vampires (not that wussy emo shit you get these days). However, there's three games in the series, and they're fairly long, so this'd have to be a trilogy or something. 2. Chrono Trigger Best RPG ever. Cool time-traveling story, likeable characters (a first for Squeenix!), and Dalton are just some of the many selling points here. 3. Metal Gear Solid Supposedly, this was already going to be done, but I haven't seen anything yet. Hurry up already, Sony & friends. 4. Armored Core 'Cuz giant mechs blowing stuff up is just too awesome to NOT make a movie out of. Normally I don't like anime, but for some reason this franchise seems like it would fit well into anime. 5. Metroid You can't go wrong with a hot chick shooting aliens. So, what game-based movies would you like to see made?
  15. The hardest boss I've ever faced has to be Zinaida (final form) from Armored Core: Last Raven. Holy shit that bish was tough. I found this in an FAQ for the game: *WARNING: THE FOLLOWING MISSION MAY FRUSTRATE YOU TO THE POINT YOU MIGHT BE TEMPTED TO DESTROY YOUR CONTROLLER. FEELINGS OF THIS MISSION BEING IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT ARE COMMON HERE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.* So true...
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