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Native Dialect

Shinobi (Playstation 2) - Corporate Takerover (Cool Corporation Remix)

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I know it has no chance in hell of getting accepted, but I think I might submit this. I am still waiting for a response on my No More Heroes mix, before I try my hand at this. It is a shame that nobody else has ever tried to arrange this before (or at least not publicly. who knows how many people have their own mix hidden away on their computers). I spend about the first 50 seconds following the songs structure...after that I go into something all my own and around the 2 minute mark I bring it back in to the original sequence.

It may or may not be OCR worthy, but I had fun making it. It is my second effort with Taiko drums (my first being an original KOF XII concept theme for Mai Shiranui), which I feel are necessary since the original made heavy use of them (I tried other percussion ideas but none seemed to fit as well as Taiko drums). Enjoy it, love it, hate it. Thank you for listening all the same.

*** The track title should have read Corporate Takeover. I hate typos.

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Three months and no feedback?

Well consider me the first. I've actually been listening to your stuff for quite a while, especially your Street Fighter arrangements. I gotta say this really has quite an ethnical feel to it, with a more techno-ish feel to it.

I honestly haven't listened to Shinobi's music (although I have played Nightshade, just to let you know I'm aware of it's existence :tomatoface:), but this does sound like something I would expect to from a game with a ninja in it.

Boy am I lame at feedback. :lol:

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