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A lonely Midna

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Yea yea, I'm asking for yet ANOTHER Midna's Lament Remix, and the other three are GREAT, but none of them give me the feeling of being alone... HOPELESSLY alone.

We have one that's a waltz, where two people dance

We have one that's background that'll take you away

And we have one that's a bit more hip-hop.

But none that convey this feeling of being truly alone, something that makes you feel like your lost in a forest, seeing flits of something humanoid running away in the foggy mists, something, or someone, that you feel you know, but just can't reach. Something sad, almost depressing really.

I ask this because I feel this is probably how Midna MIGHT have felt, had she been real. An outsider with no-one else to look to for help.

I FINALLY started playing Zelda:TP about two weeks ago (what... 3 years off?), and got to this point in the game just recently... And had the circumstances of the game been a bit better, I probably would have just sat there listening to it for hours, but as it were, I really did feel like I didn't have time in the game to just sit around and do nothing.

Ummm... Other then that... I'd like to see if anyone can mix the tunes of when you howl with the White wolf, there are 7 of them right? Mix them together and do something with it could be interesting.

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