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  1. Yea yea, I'm asking for yet ANOTHER Midna's Lament Remix, and the other three are GREAT, but none of them give me the feeling of being alone... HOPELESSLY alone. We have one that's a waltz, where two people dance We have one that's background that'll take you away And we have one that's a bit more hip-hop. But none that convey this feeling of being truly alone, something that makes you feel like your lost in a forest, seeing flits of something humanoid running away in the foggy mists, something, or someone, that you feel you know, but just can't reach. Something sad, almost depressing really. I ask this because I feel this is probably how Midna MIGHT have felt, had she been real. An outsider with no-one else to look to for help. I FINALLY started playing Zelda:TP about two weeks ago (what... 3 years off?), and got to this point in the game just recently... And had the circumstances of the game been a bit better, I probably would have just sat there listening to it for hours, but as it were, I really did feel like I didn't have time in the game to just sit around and do nothing. Ummm... Other then that... I'd like to see if anyone can mix the tunes of when you howl with the White wolf, there are 7 of them right? Mix them together and do something with it could be interesting.
  2. Hehe, VERY interesting, and entertaining... probably not something I'd listen to for hours on end, but something to put on the playlist so that when random hits it I got "What the fu- oh yea... hehe" I think *MIGHT* have been better if there were "party" sounds near the intro, around the middle, and near the end... As in, people talking and the like, so it would give a feel of "fake live music," where, really, the only thing fake about it is the people, but I understand how that coulda been hard to pull off Anyway, I'll definitely get this just to have as a "WTF" factor
  3. I think I remember hearing this on the WiP forums... No no, I'm pretty sure I HAVE heard this on the WiP forums because I decided it was so good THEN that I needed to get it THEN, and now that it actually here, and COMPLETE, I think I may just get it again XD. Great work indeed, and I LOVE Tal tal heights... the first OCR song I got WAS a Tal tal heights mix, in fact (Disco Dan's I believe).
  4. Hehehe... I just got done listening to it, VERY nice... love the original and this does it a fair amount of justice. But, near the end, I couldn't help but think... "Portals: the Musical." This almost makes a good opening theme for it (though, it's really the closing theme... but Things could be worked around and stuff.) Ehehehe... "Portals: the Musical"
  5. Let me just say this... About DAMN time >.>, I LOVE this track from DQD and like to listen to it as I fall asleep (along with a lot of other music)... Now, my question is WHY 31 seconds? There's a lot of other things in the song that could make a little more sense then 31 seconds (I mean, it's not really 31 seconds =P) Either way, great song, I love it .
  6. Oi! Just wanted to say I love the song, real nice to just listen to, and I could probably listen to it over and over again... I think I will =P Anyway, just wanted to say that
  7. D'OH! Shot down by the FAQ... aw well, would be nice, but if there is no intention, then forget it. Guess there's no point in discussing this further eh?
  8. K, I know it would take a TON of time... but wouldn't it help some people who are trying to find remixes to add a Genre to OCR songs, and then allowing them to search by that? I know I've visited OCR numerous times looking for a specific song genre... whether it be Techno/Electronica/Dance, Rock, Classic-ish, Blues, etc. But I get here only to remember that I'm going to have to blow through hundreds of Remixes to MAYBE find one or two songs that I'm kinda looking for. It would even help further if they could also be seperated into subgroups (like Punk Rock under the "Rock" genre, and Death-Metal under the "Metal" genre. I just don't want to have to ask in the general forums "I'm looking for this kind of song," because I'd probably do it a LOT if I didn't stop myself every time Again, I KNOW it would take a great deal of time, and I don't expect it to happen yesterday, I'm just saying, it's a suggestion (That, admittedly enough, has probably already been suggested.)
  9. funny thing is, I never really thought of it as a "western" so much as "gangster," though, that could have just been me. It seemed more dark, back ally, privet eye sort of deal... (And when I think western, I think towns in the middle of deserts with saloons and stuff... and cowboys, I guess)... Italy, though, makes sense for the title... ehn, whatever, still a cool song... and i'm liking what else they have too .
  10. That is such a WEIRD name for the song... why would it be called THAT, of all things... Does that album have a story behind it or something? Well, anyway, thanks for the info, no it won't bug me, and I might just see what else he has!
  11. This is seriously killing me, I stubled upon this song a while back (when I thought there was nothing to life other then that damned stumble button, I'm better now.) but I haven't ever found out the NAME of the song, or WHERE it came from. Anyone else heard this song? I love it all the same, but I'd like to at least leave kudos to the guy who made it.
  12. ohhh... god... this doesn't even deserve to be a "Sci-fi Original," it looks so BAD... it should NOT happen... ever...
  13. Nah dude, it's cool man... I kinda like it short like this... and as the Pretzel man says, it's infinitely loopable... meaning it has the potential to have a run time of infinity... Ok, I swear... I DON'T do drugs... I'm just really tired, and extremely overworked... it's the same kinda feeling... Or... at least that's what I think... OH GOD, you all think I'm a stoner now =P...
  14. Dude... wait... what? God... when they say it makes you feel sleepy... they mean it... But it also makes me feel a bit mellow... I can only imagine what this is like ON drugs, though, I had a long hard day... so my tiredness could be adding to the effect of this song... Wow, I DEFINITELY got this one... it's forcing me to post a review... Which, since it's not really alive, is a REAL accomplishment... *listens again* Whoa... dude...
  15. The only thing that would get me to buy the PC version ( I have the 360 version right now) would be the Mods that people would come up with, like they did with Oblivion. I thought it was kinda funny that, with oblivion, I could say "That's annoying" and find a mod that fixes it 20 different ways...
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