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Recomended software for a musical beginner

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Hi ya!

Allow me to introduce myself first, I'm Sam, and I'm into film making, remixing / composing, and game development.

:?: I was wondering what's the best software for a newbie on a budget (about 200 canuck bucks) to start off with. :?:

I've played around in Abelton Live & Fruity Loops, and a little tiny bit in Reason... couldn't figure it out tho... but I did make a couple tunes before I got bored or the trials ended ;-) You can check them out here amazing web page design huh? Blows my mind every time I see it.

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It all depends on HOW exactly you'd like to make the music. In my case, I was first introduced to Cakewalk by a friend and writing out the notes one-by-one on a music staff was just the thing for me. However, if you don't know how to use a staff, then you'll need another way. A lot of videos I've seen on youtube and stuff show people who know how to use a keyboard writing songs with the "piano roll" interface. You can use that not just for piano, but drums and any other sound as well. If you play an instrument and want to do some live recording, then you'll need a program that can do that. I'm a Sonar guy myself and all of those methods mentioned above are available to me. I haven't used any other programs but I think you can do all these things in Reason and Cubase as well.

Anyway, the key question is; HOW do you want to make music?

Try watching some videos of people making music with different programs.

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