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  1. 時を渡る翼 The title means "Wings that Transcend Time." Nice.Yeah, obviously Corridors of Time will sound epic. What are they going to use to replicate that bell-ish sound that starts the song? I would love if they actually tried to emulate the original song's instruments because they sounded so unique.
  2. Do you like Valkyrie Profile? Do you like Death Metal? If so, then this is THE album for you. Here is a commercial explaining what this is: Here is one of the two currently released songs. A new song comes out every two weeks until all 9 tracks are out. Enjoy the music. Thank you for your time.
  3. I listened to Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend by PowerWolf and I was INTO it! that was fun. How about this one from Derdian. I posted the lyrics in the latest comment cause I hate when there are no lyrics.
  4. I don't know who made that but it is quite pretty. Regarding other lullaby mixes, did you know that there was a baby lullabies OCRemix album made? Found it! http://ocremix.org/album/75/esthers-dreams
  5. Good job, @prophetik music and @Rexy ! May all your judgments be legendary.
  6. I just happened to mosey into OCRemix.org for the first time in forever and a very old post I made has been resurrected. My timing is unbelievable. My question about adding Mega Max Legends to the list is: Are there character parameters that you can increase by grinding? We have to have at least that to be an RPG. Although, that means I need to remove Alundra. I don't know if Alundra 2 is the same or not but Alundra actually isn't an RPG, so I should remove it.
  7. As long as the tracks are all great, the length is not that important to me, but if I had to put a number on it, I'd say 40 minutes or longer. A lot of old death metal albums are only 30 minutes though, and the length never actually bothered me.
  8. There was also a program or a website or something out there that was a random OCremix player. That post didn't help one bit, but trust me such a thing existed and possibly still exists.
  9. I think old Mega Man is exactly as hard as games should be. It's nothing crazy like Castlevania 1, or Ninja Gaiden, or any of the shmups where you die in a single hit and lose all your weapons. Mega Man is about right for me.
  10. This is for the nearly completed Valkyrie Profile Death Metal album. It's a section of less than a minute. It requires an arpeggiated chord and a solo on top of it. Neither part is difficult. A high beginner or a low intermediate player could play it. You get your name on my sweet-ass Valkyrie Profile Death Metal album if you help out. I'll provide tabs and an audio sample. Send a private message or reply here if you want to join the album. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Sincerely, The Legendary Zoltan
  11. You'll be happy to know that today is finally the day I can work on that document! Sorry for the delay. Work and daughter. That's my inadequate excuse for being lazy.
  12. It is not. I have just ONE space left but it is, in my opinion, the solo on the most important song of the album. Are you up to the task? If you have a sample of your sound that would be great. Go ahead and PM me your email address so I can send you files through gmail. Thanks, Pichu's Dad.
  13. It's in the title. I wrote a sweet metal-core type of song with some pretty string parts. Here's the instrumental version of the song. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz60w4kcWCEHb2dSa0owZkxodWM If you are interested in providing vocals, I'll send you the lyrics and an MP3 of how they are sung to the music. No pitched parts at all. It's entirely brutal shouting. It contains a cool little ode to Zeal at the ending. Please reply or email. Having a vocal sample for me to check out would be nice, but not required. Thank you so much!
  14. Is a 3 weeks enough? I'm still having a heck of a time getting a dude's chorus together out here for a part, so there's that slowing me down.
  15. I want your guitar solo on my album! Simple as that. Before I even consider this, does your album sound like crap? Nope. Here's a sample: http://www.thelegendaryzoltan.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/VP2-Belenus-ver2-MP3.mp3 That's a the very rough approximation of the sound this album will have. How do I get my guitar solo on your album? You can reply here or PM me and I'll PM you my email address. Then I'll send you an audio file for you to play your solo over. You record it and send me a WAV file of your solo. What kind of album is this? It's Viking Death Metal. All songs' lyrics are based on scenes from the game Valkyrie Profile, and all songs music are inspired by music in other JRPGs. There are even "direct references" to those inspirations that big RPG music fans will be able to hear. Do I have to be amazingly good at guitar? No, but you have to be able to compose a sweet-ass melody. I want drama, so if you can pull off drama without speed, that's fine. If I think your solo is not what I'm looking for will tell you (in the nicest way possible) so I can't guarantee anyone's participation. What do I get out of it? Although this is for a commercial album, this is not a paying gig because of how small a job it is. A single guitar solo is not a big time investment at all. You DO however get the experience, a free digital copy of the album, and the right to gloat to anyone and everyone that you are on a metal album.
  16. I have composed an entire album of death metal with lyrics inspired by Valkyrie Profile and music inspired by a variety of RPGs. There are tons of remixers out there but only original death metal artist that pays homage to the epic RPGs of epicness. And that's me. I already have an EXCELLENT drummer on board. He's already finished the first song and it sounds great. Normally I would record guitar parts myself but I figured I'd offer someone the opportunity to acquire the credential of "Experience recording a full-length album." If you're interested you must be able to do the following: +Commit to NINE songs of recording +Commit to finishing one song per week +Record the left rhythm guitar twice and the right one twice for a total of 4 rhythm guitar tracks per song (so it takes some time, unfortunately) +Obey my every command. MWAHAHAAAA! I just mean that you'll accept my requests for changes because I do want things a certain way. +Be awesome just in general. Haha. Just kidding. I would say that the most difficult song to play is this one: http://www.thelegendaryzoltan.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/VP2-Belenus-ver2-MP3.mp3 If you can play that, you should have no problem. Reply if you're interested. I can supply tablature and rough recordings like the one above to help you learn the songs.
  17. I'm not really a multi-instrumentalist but I do a variety of things in general. Currently taking ballet lessons and working out so I can stop being fat. I have a kid and a full-time job, so I'll tell you how I find time to do stuff. 1. I don't do the stuff I already know how to do so I can "stay in practice." I learned how to play guitar and now I almost never play guitar. Hahaha. 2. I wake up at 4am. Yes, it sucks. 3. I didn't bother learning to play all the other instruments. I know it sounds like the lazy man's answer BUT, you may be interested to know that I have composed for a variety of orchestral instruments for a concert and I don't know how to play any of them. All you NEED to know is what clef to use and what the highest and lowest notes they can play are. And with just that info, I managed to compose a concert for a piano, cello, violin, timpani, drumset, clarinet, and some other stuff that I don't remember. Don't I sound awesome! I hope that helps a bit. Of course, if you WANT to be able to play all the instruments you compose for, you should do it and just accept that it takes time. The only other piece of advice I have is... 4. Give up video games. But there's no god-damn way THAT'S gonna happen, right?
  18. You guys must be the two greatest people ever! Star Ocean V is great. I definitely prefer previous games in the series but it still gave me the Star Oceany goodness I was looking for. The downsides for me are that the story is not very interesting to me, the side quests are too boring, and the private actions are HORRIBLE. They're not funny and they're not interesting! But I had a good time with the battle system, a great time with the roles and specialties, and THE TIME OF MY LIFE with the crafting system. It's pretty much exactly the same as the one in Star Ocean 4 but with the addition of the creative synthesis mode. That thing is CRAZY! Star Ocean 4 is still my favorite though.
  19. Is anyone interested in buying? I'll take the shipping out of the price. If you don't think it's worth the price, go ahead and make an offer. There is one problem with the machine. For some reason, it has become bad at reading discs. So I have to eject and reinsert discs sometimes. Once it reads it and you start the game or movie there are no problems, but it sometimes takes several tries to get a disc to work. Other than that, no problems. Digital games work perfectly. Other imperfections: Valkyria Chronicles is not in its original case and Star Ocean 4 has a crack in the middle. It hasn't extended to the readable part of the disc so just be careful not to worsen it and it won't affect the playability of the game. I've been playing it in that condition for years. I GUESS, this means that you'll be able to go into the download list and redownload games I deleted. Kingdoms of Amalur and FF13-2 will be available to you in that case. Physical Games Catherine, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Armored Core V, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Dark Souls, Eternal Sonata, Final Fantasy XIII, ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection, Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Dear Solid HD Collection, Ni No Kuni, Resonance of Fate, Star Ocean 4 International, Valkyria Chronicles, Zone of the Enders HD Collection, and White Knight Chronicles 2. Digital Games Just going off of memory so there may be more than what I list here. PS1 Classics: Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire 4, Legend of Mana, Alundra, Xenogears, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Cross, Mega Man X4 PS2 Classics: Disgaea, Persona 3 FES PS3: Tales of Xillia, Tales of Symphonia, Minecraft, Dungeon Defenders, Soldner-X, The Last Guy, Puzzle Quest, Dark Souls 2, Savage Moon, Mushroom Wars, Crystal Defenders, Comet Crash, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core.
  20. Such a great idea for an album. My daughter Aika's birthday is VERY close to Esther's. (Great name choice, by the way.) It was January 7th, 2014. I waited freaking forever for this album to come out. Now I can play it around Aika TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY! I'd like to point out that my remix has the greatest title in the history of everything. Your welcome, Esther. ^_~
  21. Super atmospheric. At first it was reminding me of the item room music from Metroid. There are crazy-ass synths all over the place. Haha. This would fit very nicely in a game or a movie. Good job.
  22. Thanks, Oneiric. This song was inspired by the song Toccata Finale from the second castle in Symphony of the Night which is also in 5. You'll be happy to know that the drums are just a place holder. Although I think that kick drum is the greatest thing ever, Brandon Strader will be providing the drum samples, unless some amazing drummer wants to live record it for me all for free. If you know anyone like that, let me know Hahaha.
  23. Groovy. I want this to have Japanese girl vocals. Then it will be perfect. Haha.
  24. This is the first official preview of my Valkyrie Profile Death Metal album. It is not a remix album, but it contains one or two "references" to actual game music in every song. All the lyrics for this album are based on the short stories of the einherjar in Valkyrie Profile. I don't think there is a more DRAMATIC metal album. This clip demonstrates a part with uncommon time signatures. Album Completion: 50% Rough Draft: No mixing, no mastering, no vocals, no bass.
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