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How to right find the right artist for my comic book?


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So I have this AMAZING idea for a comic book series, which I originally intended for a book, but I think it's much better suited for a comic book.

Anyway.... as I said, the idea is great and I already have the whole 1st volume ready (i drew everything as stick figures to help me move faster, lulz), but I'm a terrible artist.

So, how should I approach an artist about this, because I really don't want my idea to be stolen, the is my biggest concern really.

I know there are some amazing artist here in these forums too.

Any help? Advice?

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I'm hoping you're not getting your hopes up for a big, nationwide release or anything amateur like that, because, believe it or not, that could make a serious impact on what you get recommended with.

Having said that, if your goals are realistic and you have enough money and patience to push through, I'd recommend combing through deviantart.com. I can almost guarantee you you'll find a worthy artist willing to work with you (if you devote enough time to searching). That's a huge breeding ground for artists, both untalented and quite talented, who are trying to get somewhere on something too.

Give it a shot and good luck.

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