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Calling Canadian Remixers! Who wants radio play?

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Hey guys!

I'm not sure where to post this, so mods can move it to the appropriate location if necessary.

I've got myself an hour set on the campus radio station for Assiniboine Community College in Brandon MB where I'm taking Computer Systems/Web Design. (schedule not updated yet)

Obviously, part of the station's mission is to promote Canadian music/news/documentaries that aren't heard of before. So 35% of the content I play must be Canadian based.

If any of you are familiar with MAPL, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Long story short, I'm either going to be doing documentaries on Canadian based gaming subjects, or Canadian unsigned/undgerground/under-rated music that could use some play on the radio.

Is there any unsigned Canadian remixer (or forum member who makes music) that would be willing to let their originals (or remixes but mostly originals) be broadcast over the station during the hour? I'll even accept crappy demo recordings, chiptunes, short songs, long songs, whatever; just make sure it'll sound good to my ears and won't contain any offensive content, and it'll go on air.

So yeah, fire away links; self-plug, advertise, do whatever if you want exposure like I did once.

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