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  1. Selling music on Scirra.com and working on expanding my business into indie game development since sales are going as well as Rovio.
  2. Yeah, pray for me. I'm a mess.

  3. So first Final Fantasy 7, now Resident Evil 2. For some odd reason it doesn't suprise me considering there was a fan remake that suprisingly Capcom didn't try to take to court. All I know is it's coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. http://ca.ign.com/articles/2015/08/12/capcom-announces-resident-evil-2-remake
  4. A-RoN

    Super Mario Maker

    And then there's The Original Mario Crossover Anyway, even though you can change the look and soundscape of the levels (Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, Super Mario 3 etc), the physics don't change at all unlike the original games having Mario's long jumping slowly improving upon with each game. You'll notice this if one has played the original titles. Nevertheless, I'm really wanting to give this a long-play for sure just to edit levels and drive my wife and brother-in-law crazy as they try to play through my difficult level designing.
  5. Nah, I'm getting more like a Terminator Vibe from this. Very well put together. I hope huile_smith says he'll be back.
  6. So for the past year, I've been "trying to find a new voice" as a musician. It just seems like for the past half decade, my whole artistic career was hitting rock bottom. I just wasn't satisfied with things I was creating. Then I had a revelation. I was only composing music and creating other art for my own benefit and it wasn't for anyone else to really take seriously or enjoy. So basically in a nutshell, I'm composing for other people and it has been a profitable business. Here's my latest original FF style track which can be used free of charge for any game. http://soundcloud.com/aarparmd/a-wild-creature-appears Or you can find other stuff I'm working on at http://soundcloud.com/aarparmd And to all the haters: you have no idea how high I can fly.
  7. Very well done. I thought the beginning progressed a bit too long but then the groove hit well at 1:21. Awesome!
  8. Question: Can the WIPs be posted in the Workshop Forums for critique?
  9. As remixer, I'd like to claim the WarioWare spot with my remix of WWDIY- Jimmy T.'s Aerobics (Catch Fire) (without lyrics) Very rough WIP of the remix: http://www.dropbox.com/s/ujz408xt1xm4bey/warioware_wip.mp3 Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N05p1BrMF3o
  10. Very funny. This mix reminds me of what happens when Robot Chicken and Ren & Stimpy have a musical love child. I've heard many failed attempts at comedy in punk/rock but thankfully this isn't one of those. Highly recommended but not medicine that should be constantly overdosed if you're musically sick.
  11. The legacy he left will never die. Satoru Iwata inspired me greatly.
  12. Very very chilling arrangement. Almost reminds me of Aladdin in some respects.
  13. Here's my attempt: http://soundcloud.com/aarpargb/one-note-challenge Listener discretion is advised as it was made with a Gameboy and LSDJ within an hour so it will give some of you nightmares.
  14. I've gone the emulation route by playing the PS 1 discs on my PC...not a great idea. Certain parts slow down and speed up. I'd either stick to using a straight up PC version or the PS1. On another note, you should give this a try. (I got Yuffie once. The dialogue was so awkward with her).
  15. You could always try instrumental metal. Try listening to anything by 'goat.' His Castlevania remixes always keep me awake.
  16. THE FEELS! This made me cry as a kid. James Horner's melodies from Land Before Time will now be stuck in my head for a while. RIP
  17. Dear American Christians, the Church has survived: -plague -Nero -Mao -Stalin -the Catholic church (and it's corruption) -the Protestant church (and it's corruption) -arrests -persecutions -beatings -and burning at the stake I think it will survive the Supreme Courts' ruling on same-sex marriage.

  18. Seriously though, I'm with Callas on this, especially now that Dave raised the point regarding monetary coverage of standard mechanical licensing. With all due respect, it would be better to wait until all licensing is secured before putting out promise teasers for future projects like these.
  19. I'm older. Yay!

  20. Wow. Thank you very much Stephen Harper. http://lifewithaaron.com/faq/index.htm

  21. Really need to brush up on my Wordpress coding skills.

  22. Sounds like an 80s remix with less reverb on it. Very well done!
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