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The Great Bombing Man - Bomberman II Stage 1 remix

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Watch your peaks on the high-pitched bell things, they tend to get piercing when they hit the highest part of the note.

The mix feels like it's missing several instrumental aspects. A stronger presence in the bass ranges would really get the mix moving a lot more, and some sound choices with a bit more strength behind them would help flesh out the other areas of the mix. All of your sounds are very thin and weak, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but in this case I think you could benefit from something with a more strong presence.

The stutter drums don't really do it for me - I think they'd work great as a transition but for the whole verse, they just don't feel right to me.

Experiment with some new instrumental choices and try to vary up your drums as you go through the song so they don't feel so much like placeholders. The biggest things working against the mix is that it feels like you're unintentionally being minimalist with your instrument choices and it just comes across as an empty-sounding remix. Keep at this one though, it's not a bad foundation to work off of!

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