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  1. When I first paneled this track, I felt like something was off but I was having a hard time articulating. The other judges have done a great job articulating the issues present here, so I will recap some of the positives first. Your soundscape is mellow and intimate, which suits the source tune really well. It's really challenging to work with sequenced instruments with an arrangement where everything is so exposed, but the instrument choices and stylistic changes are on a solid foundation. You've definitely got potential here! This feels like a very polished demo, but it's lacking the level of polish in several critical areas that other judges have elaborated on well - there is very little synergy between the different instruments both in terms of mixing and performance. The piano frequently falls out of rhythm with the groove, and the drums don't feel like they're living in the same place as the rest of the instruments. The tone of the lead synth is perfect, but the lack of expression and modulation again makes this feel more like a demo than a finished product. The mixing definitely should be addressed with some stereo widening and panning, making sure your reverb levels are consistent, and generally adding a bit of bite to the track through some light saturation, perhaps. I'd also suggest expanding on your backing pads and layering in more texture throughout the track if you're still struggling to make everything feel like it's glued together. I want to stress that this is a great start to a track, but it's not there yet for me. Best of luck, looking forward to your next submission! NO
  2. Giving this a quick listen at Larry's behest. I'm definitely hearing where the NO's are coming from in terms of imbalanced mixing. The drums are so much louder than everything else, it's extremely evident in the gaps when the percussion isn't present. Kris also honed in on a very valid point that the percussion drops are sudden in a very unsettling way - a surprise drop can definitely work but in this case, it just feels unpolished. I'm not going to retread any of the specific suggestions other than agree wholeheartedly with the previous two votes. I think the mixing needs some work, but the bones are solid - I wouldn't change anything about the sequencing or instrumentation, but the volume level disparity between the drums and everything else makes this feel unfinished. NO (resubmit!)
  3. I really loved this piece on the panel, you've got an excellent sense for cinematic flair without relying solely on traditional orchestral instruments. As a sound design nerd myself, I really appreciate the work you put into this. Congratulations on the first of what I hope are many mixposts to come!
  4. Remixer Name: Nah Tony Real Name: Anthony Kraft Game Title: Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal Arrangement Title: Rise of the Morning Sun Original Song Title: Azalea Town
  5. ReMixer name: Astral Tales Real name: Ernesto Bernal Email address: Website: astraltales.bandcamp.com Submission Information Name of game arranged: Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations Name of arrangement: Dahlia Hawthorne Name of individual song arranged: Distant Traces of Beauty Own comments about the mix: The Phoenix Wright series has some amazing tunes on it, but there's one that soon caught my attention due to its beauty. Ironically, it is the theme of one of the more twisted characters I have ever found in a video game: Dahlia Hawthorne. It's difficult to talk about her without spoiling the plot of the game, so I will just say that her beauty contrasts with her evil nature. I wanted to reflect this dichotomy while keeping the emotional and melancholic side of the theme intact. This is why you'll find two sections, which share some harmonies, but translate in very opposite ways: one is delicate and soft, while the other is darker, and combatant. One reflects the Japanese culture and its beauty, and the other shows twisted emotions and evil intentions. I hope you enjoy it! I hope you enjoy it! Cheers! Ernesto Bernal
  6. Remixer name: MusicallyInspired Real name: Brandon Blume Email: Website: UserID: 10382 Game arranged: King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown (1990 Official DOS Remake) Name of arrangement: "Under a Daventry Moon" Name of songs arranged: Introduction & Oak Tree/Condor's Nest Additional info: Composed originally by Ken Allen for the official 1990 remake of the original game from 1984 by Sierra Online distributed for MS-DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, and Macintosh. Original soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz1VQjJm80E (Intro: 1:33, Oak Tree/Condor Nest: 4:51) Comments: After the success (and more importantly, the fun) of making the first collaborative King's Chill remix album (King's Quest themes remixed in a chillout style) the artists involved decided to make a second album. For my entry I chose a couple themes from the official remake of King's Quest 1 to combine together as a medley. This remix kind of took a turn partway through the arrangement, changing from a smaller quieter pleasant mix into a larger crescendo with a big early 90s style saxophone solo at the end (something I've not attempted before). Some of the original MIDI data from the original game was utilized and referenced but heavily altered as well as amended with live performance and sequencing from other keyboard/synthesizer sounds including the saxophone solo which was performed live by keyboard (and only mildly quantized and touched up afterward). This track was produced, mixed, and mastered with Cakewalk and Reason and included the plugins Ozone by Izotope, Rapture Session 2, Dimension Pro, Stratum by Sonivox, and Loom 2 by Air. (Intro: 1:33, Oak Tree/Condor Nest: 4:51)
  7. ReMixer Name: Aesaire User ID: 34323 Game Arranged: Assassin's Creed Valhalla (2020) Name of Arrangement: The Opening of the Valhalla Name of Individual Song Arranged: Assassin's Creed Valhalla Main Theme Original Composers: Jesper Kyd, Sarah Schachner, Einar Selvik Link to Original Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgKr2c2ZebM Comments: This remix was inspired by a similarly titled painting by the British painter J. M. W. Turner (https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/turner-the-opening-of-the-wallhalla-1842-n00533), particularly the soft edges, unsaturated colours and blurry shapes that dominate the background. These elements were translated into the sound design of the instruments and ambient layers using filters, reverbs, delays, and granular effects. With the exception of the piano and the timpanis, all instruments are synthesized. The mix was also intentionally blurred to resemble the painting; akin the foreground, the lead elements were given a reasonable level of definition, while akin the background, accompanying elements were blended and smeared into the ether. The timpanis are barely noticeable, they're meant to add very minor accents or add a small amount of energy to certain beats. As for the arrangement, the original outro was used as the base for the verses, while the original verse was deconstructed to become part of the accompaniment rather than the lead. The chorus has for the most part remained the same, but is succeeded by a new section each time.
  8. Your ReMixer name: Pixel Pirates Your real name: Tobaunta Torkelsson Your email address: Your website: pixelpirates.nu Your userid: 37469 Name of game(s) arranged: Shadow of the Ninja Name of arrangement: Shadow of the Pixels Name of individual song(s) arranged: Sea Port
  9. This remains an absolute delight to listen to! The instrumentation sounds so organic and full of life, it evokes a feeling of a million little bugs skittering about in a hidden underground society in the most lovely way. I'm loving the contrast between the airy lead melodies and the grounding, percussive mallets and chimes. You described this in your original submission letter as "otherworldly fae-touched" and I don't think I could have said it better myself. Now that the hiss is out of the way, there's nothing holding this back. Great work, congratulations! 😊 YES
  10. Oh, this is an absolute delight! The instrumentation sounds so organic and full of life, it evokes a feeling of a million little bugs skittering about in a hidden underground society in the most lovely way. I have no major gripes about the arrangement or performances, but the hiss is quite noticeable, especially since it cuts in and out on certain instruments. I’m confident that, if you’re able to isolate what instrument is contributing to this effect and apply some de-noising, this would be all the better for it. 99% there, but the hiss is distracting and needs to be resolved so that, at the VERY least, it’s not cutting in and out periodically. Get that sorted, and we’re in business! NO (you better resub this!)
  11. I was a major advocate for this track when I heard it on the Workshop forum and I’m beyond thrilled to hear it hit the panel! Atmospheric black metal is highly underrepresented in the OCReMix catalog but it’s a genre I’m personally quite familiar with and fond of! Typical black metal production relies on harsh frequencies and an overall lo-fi aesthetic that often runs counter to traditional production conventions, but the atmospheric sub-genre - and this remix in particular - subverts that by rounding out the frequency spectrum with a lush bass presence and softer high frequencies. However, the aggression and distortion that is a hallmark of the genre is still very much present in the drum sequencing and wall-of-sound that builds as the arrangement progresses. Of particular note is the section beginning at 4:11 when everything finally lets loose into an barrage of blast beats and wailing guitars. This section does a fantastic job of capitalizing on the tension that had been built up thus far. The Lavender Town melody is present throughout nearly all the track, floating like a spectral entity over the arrangement, often hinting at its presence through chord progressions and references without always explicitly announcing itself. This level of melodic expansion and creative liberty is almost necessary for an 8 minute arrangement to keep things from running stale. It’s bleak and atmospheric, but the dynamic curve feels very much deliberate. If I had to nitpick anything, the drum sequencing can feel robotic at times when you have quick repeated kick patterns; a touch more work on humanizing the velocity and timing, or mixing the drums slightly further back in the sound field would have mitigated this. Aside from that, I’m actually not sure how much of the instrumentation here is sequenced; it all comes together quite cohesively and sounds pretty realistic.. I’m very happy to give this my personal signoff and see that the rest of the panel, so far, is in agreement too. I hope this isn’t the last submission we hear from this album! YES
  12. The mixing definitely has some messiness to it and there's some awkward chops/glitches throughout, but this is definitely deserving of some good panel feedback - it features a lot of really cool sound design and a more liberal take on the classic Castle theme. Not sure if this really has enough source to even pass the bar, but I think the artist could benefit from some in-depth feedback, since there's a lot of promise here. @Chimpazilla I feel like you would be well-equipped to evaluate this track
  13. Remixer: masterXAE Name: Xavier Roberson Email: https://soundcloud.com/xavier-aenox USER ID:38108 Super Mario World "Super Head Bangers for Bowser" Super Mario World Bowser Castle Theme I created this using Logic Pro X. Entries from my Splice account for the Beats and vocal hits. I played the musical parts using my Keylab 88 Arturia, Arturia sounds for piano and synths, Alchemy synths for wobble, East West for choir, and a couple Cableguy plugins for effects. Then ended with Ozone for the mix. I was inspired because I love video game music, and I am dramatic in music composition. Thanks for all you do, and allowing me to make this submission. Xavier Roberson
  14. Your ReMixer name: Cosmonal Your real name: Eric João Ferraz Fraga Your email address: Your website: Your userid: 38073 Name of game(s) arranged: Jewel Master Name of arrangement: Jewel Master Gold Name of individual song(s) arranged: Jewel Master Composer: Motoaki Takenouchi.System: Mega Drive/Sega Genesis Your own comments about the mix: I love this song and was a challenge for myself to rearrange songs that I love. That was my inspiration.
  15. ReMixer name: Neon X EMail: Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV8NwzoUa9I9HD1YXRIXp3g UserID: 37046 Name of game: Donkey Kong Country Name of arrangement: Oceanic Aura Name of song: Aquatic Ambience Original composer: David Wise For clarification: Name of remix: Oceanic Aura Name of original song: Aquatic Ambience
  16. So, this pains me to do this, but I don't know if I can comfortably sign off on this. It's Jordan, so of course the production and concept is going to be ace - no disputing that. The middle eastern instrumentation sounds fantastic, and the sub bass especially is handled with care on the mixing side of things. This sounds beefy as hell on a sub and really showcases Jordan's mastery of the production game. I originally paneled this so I could do a manual source usage check, but the last minute of the track comfortably puts this over the 50% bar. However, therein lies my main issue - the source, while substantially represented throughout the track, is played out as identically with each repetition. The Underground melody is played out as a loop that's repeated multiple times, and the only variation I can pick up on is the filtering applied. To me, this feels too repetitive and and the presentation of the melody is very noticeably looped, especially during that last minute of the track. For that reason (and only that reason - everything else is extremely competently assembled) I'm struggling to justify a YES vote here. Curious to hear what the rest of the panel feels on this. NO
  17. Been a while since I submitted something, Wanted to share this one because I feel the marriage of middle eastern instruments and the original source do magic together. This is an Arabian Trap remix of the cave theme from Super Mario Bros. 2 and was originally intended for NESterYears 2. I ended up scrapping that project and am pursuing SNESterYears instead. So in light of that, I wanted to submit this gem to OCReMix to celebrate that I am still remixing after 20 years. Cheers, Jordan
  18. I mainly paneled this one due to source usage - it's going to take a bit of diving in to connect the dots on the source but sonically, I like what I'm hearing! This is quite a bit different than anything we've heard from DDRKirby before, but the sequencing is on-point with the acoustic instruments and the soundscape is full of lush texture. Arrangement-wise, this doesn't feel undercooked like we often find with chillhop arrangements, there's plenty of variation going on. The mastering/production is probably a bit loud and aggressive for the genre. Will come back to this one!
  19. Contact Information =================== *Your ReMixer name: DDRKirby(ISQ) *Your real name: Timothy Wong *Your email address: *Your website: http://ddrkirby.com *Your userid (number, not name) on our forums, found by viewing your forum profile: 8933 Submission Information ====================== *Name of game(s) arranged: Diddy Kong Racing *Name of arrangement: Chill Beats to Race To *Name of individual song(s) arranged: Boss *Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.: This one comes at the behest of Nicolas Daoust, who requested a remix of the Diddy Kong Racing boss challenge music through my Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/ddrkirbyisq). This genre might come a bit out of left-field for those who don't follow my work closely, but I've been dabbling in this sort of lo-fi/chillhop style for the past year or two. I'll have to once again shoutout One Hour Compos (https://compo.thasauce.net/compos/view/OHC) as that has provided me with the perfect avenue for regular musical experimentation, and allowed me to significantly expand my musical toolkit on multiple occasions. Almost all of the instrumentation used in this track consists of stuff that I've already tried out before in OHC...practice makes perfect! For this song in particular I wanted to contrast the high energy of the source track by dialing the tempo way down and enveloping everything in luscious reverb. It was an interesting challenge finding ways to slot the different melodies into a much slower groove, but I had fun with it, especially with the guzheng solo work (sample library courtesy of Impact Soundworks [https://impactsoundworks.com/product/plectra-series-5-guzheng/]). Hopefully you all enjoy it as well! --DDRKirby(ISQ)
  20. Original decision Game: Duke Nukem 3D Title: Stalker Additional Info: Composed by Lee Jackson. Original soundtrack link: https://youtu.be/bLphA-MZvXg Arrangement Name: Stalker V2 [Factory Reset] Inspiration for my mix: Thank you for reviewing my first submission and I really appreciate the feedback you gave me. My goal with this mix and production was to take the original theme song and really attempt a big studio rock hit factory sound with a cinematic movie edge but keeping the same spirit of the original composition in regards to its overall tone. I wanted it to have the feeling of more of a band playing together but keeping elements of that computer industrial arpeggiator sound to really drive it. It was arranged mostly on Pro Tools and Ableton Live. We recorded live electric guitars and electric bass. I used mostly hardware synthesizers for this production as well. There are some slight additional melodic and rhythmic parts added to bridge some sections together (like a cinematic SFX or additional drum hit - yes). There are additional melodies added but the original main lead from the original is unaltered and remains distinct in this version. Some melodies may be louder or quieter in this mix. My Details Remixer Name: Marc Armitage Real Name: Marc Chemaly Email: Website: https://www.marcarmitage.net Userid: 36369 Forum Username: marcchemali
  21. Hello, I'd like to submit my remix to you! Here's the info required from the form. Thank you for considering it! Contact Information Xandomize Alexander Evans No website, just a soundcloud - www.soundcloud.com/xandomize 38065 Submission Information Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium The End of the Chillennium The End of the Millennium PSIV is already on the site! OST is on the site as well. I knew I wanted to make a drastic change to this song, as it's a fast-paced, super in-your-face rock song on the OST. I began working towards a synthwave feel but ended up at a slow-tempo industrial-ish electronica as I honed in on final instruments and atmospheric feel. The OST has a simple A and B part, so I added a bluesy synth solo over the last A part, and worked in some chord changes that gives it a little depth before it explodes into the last chorus, followed by a quick key change before ending on a hard, 4 on the floor beat.
  22. Contact Information Your ReMixer name: Mel Decision Your real name: Mel Choyce-Dwan Your email address: Your website: https://melchoyce.design/ Your userid: 37511 Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged: Super Mario 64 Name of arrangement: The Slow Pull of the Space Docks Name of individual song(s) arranged: Dire Dire Docks Your own comments about the mix: I created this piece as part of a challenge to "write an arrangement of any video game song, but make it space-related." I immediately knew that I wanted to do a take on Dire Dire Docks. There's a thin line between deep sea and space, and I wanted to see if I could actually achieve it. I relied on layering lots of soft pianos and synths, and drenched the whole piece in reverb. I wanted to give the feeling of drifting through space, staring out through the window of a spaceship into the black. Kind of peaceful and a little mysterious, with a touch of awe. Thanks for considering!
  23. ReMixer name: Neon X EMail: Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV8NwzoUa9I9HD1YXRIXp3g UserID: 37046 Name of game: Mega Man 3 Name of arrangement: My Sweet Gemini Name of song: Gemini Man theme Original composer: Yasunori Mitsuda For clarification: Name of remix: My Sweet Gemini Name of original song: Gemini Man theme
  24. Hey guys! Long time lurker on Youtube, first time submitter here. This is a remix of "Pigstep" from Minecraft, in the heavy metal style of Mick Gordon's DOOM soundtrack. Contact Info: ReMixer name: Mosh Bits Real names: Chris Goins, Josh Fullerton, & Dylan Shipe Email Address: Website: youtube.com/c/moshbits User ID #: 38030 Submission Info: Name of Game: Minecraft Name of Arrangement: Pigmosh Song Arranged: Pigstep Original Composer: Lena Raine Pigstep is easily the most energetic theme in Minecraft, so we gravitated towards it almost immediately. You'll find the song in Minecraft's Nether, and with the release of the Minecraft Nether update and the release of DOOM Eternal in such close proximity, along with the underworld/hell theme being the focus of each, it didn't take any time at all to make the connection between the two. We talked about putting this track together for ages, and almost 2 years later, we finally have something we're really proud of. Thanks in advance for (hopefully) considering us, and thanks so much for the service you all provide. Hope to hear back, - Mosh Bits
  25. Contact Information Platonist Jonas Loman platonistmusic.com/reunion 16372 Submission Information Kenshi When The Phoenix Doesn't Revive Fertile PC, Kole Hicks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33ZP8_aAdNI Hey! I'm back. It's my first submission made in Renoise Tracker. Took me a while to figure out how to retain my style/sound, because it's been so closely tied to schism tracker's technological limitations. I think I've found a sweet spot this time. Love the game, love the soundtrack, love the song. What can I say, it's an underrated, (and somewhat buggy ) masterpiece. cheers! (Source starts at 12:27)
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