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Overheating Ipod Touch


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A few nights ago, I was listening to my Ipod Touch (2G 16 gig) when the screen went completely off. Thinking it was frozen, I held the two buttons trying to reset it; after about fifteen seconds, I let go of the buttons and started to look online about why my Ipod wasn't resetting. After about five minutes, I smelled what seemed to be circuitry burning; I picked up my Ipod and immediately set it down, as it was too hot to hold. The smell got really strong, and then went away after about ten more minutes. I touched my Ipod again, and it was cooled down and reset. When it turned on, the lower half of the screen was totally white, but it slowly faded back to the color it should have been, and everything then worked fine. However, it has happened four or five times since; but, the screen only went white the first time.

Now, for a few questions;

1) Has this happened to anyone else?

2) Should I try to deal with Apple and get a replacement, as there is no lasting damage?

If this happens again and the screen messes up, I'm going to take a picture and post it here, but it's going to be a waiting game until then.

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