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Onslaught Six Remix Contest!

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Alright, I don't really post on OCR often. I love what you people here do, though, and I've got a proposition. (Well, more like I already came up with the idea on another forum and thought maybe I could do it here too, but let's pretend I came up with it here.)

I want some folk to remix a track of mine. You can use the original tracks or you can create something entirely new or whatever you want to try and do. Be creative! Here's the multitracks I made:


It's at 107BPM. It's in...C# I think? With a lot of notes going down to A and B. Hm.

Okay, I'm probably doing a cruddy job of explaining. Basically, I'm an industrial musician and I wrote this song and a lot of people think it's great, so I figured I'd hold this little contest for anyone to remix it. The deadline is June 9th. Have fun with it! It doesn't have to sound industrial or anything, either, you can do whatever you want with it.

The winner (chosen by an arbitrary amount of factors which I will deem your remix "the best") will get their song used on an upcoming single or EP, wherein I will promote the hell out of you, and likewise give you a jumping on point to promote the hell out of me, if you so wish.

EDIT: Want to hear the original? That'd probably help.


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Eheh, yeah, that's the title. That's a pretty awesome instrumental mix, indeed. Definitely plays around with the structure and does some fun stuff. Really like the effect in the middle where it fades down. Maybe it's just me but I think maybe some of it's too loud? Could just be the computer I'm using, though.

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On the contrary, I was still able to recognize a lot of the melodies I wrote. Interesting to see it interpreted so loosely and beautifully, though! Almost seems like it's an actual song now. :P

Some of the middly improvisational bits remind me of Mega Man 3's main theme, actually, which made me laugh a little. Mostly because of brentalfloss.

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Oh, I wasn't meant to imply there was actually MM3 influence, just that it seemed coincidental. It might just be that the track lends itself well to game-melody noodling (much more than some of my other stuff, for sure) and it's in a similar key.

Listening again, this is a damn fine mix. It just needs a name. :D

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Crap. >_<

Alright, first thing I thought of: Future (Prophecy Mix). You know, what with the whole future thing.

Oh, and I won't be able to re-master my mix, even though I know you said it was pretty loud: I just got a new laptop the other day, and in the process of transferring all my projects and samples over, my sample library got unsorted, and now none of my old projects have their samples loaded, and I don't have the time to go back and re-load all of my samples. Sorry.

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