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Onslaught Six Remix Contest!

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Actually, er, I can't, the best option it's giving me is FLAC, but for some reason when I try to download it, the resulting file is just silence.

EDIT: Nevermind, I decided to try uploading it to Bandcamp anyway and it worked. You guys can't see it now, of course, because the single is (right now, anyway) scheduled to get released in October...maybe. I dunno!

Also, I really like how you two guys' remixes work in entirely opposite ways. DJ Gram's is clearly electronic in nature while Fernito's is nice, quiet orchestral organic stuff. And they both play off my original melodies really well. I'm amazed to see this come from the basic riffy ideas I had in my bedroom. (And honestly--the music in a lot of my stuff feels more like a backing for my lyrical ideas, so to see this kind of attention paid to the music itself makes me happy.)

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