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electro + spoken word


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click here maaaannn.

it's two complete tracks, combined for the flow. this is the start of a concept album about seasons and weather. these songs are about spring. I'm going to write about the weater during each season this year.

Well, that's the idea, at least.

the first is Spring Showers. I wrote it on piano. It has lots of arps. too many, probably. I don't like the sound of the lead instrument. It's also got radio samples. it gets kind of epic, I'd say.

the second is Don't Go Outside. I wrote it on bass guitar. it's mostly bass, but also features spoken poetry, plus live shaker, hand claps, and chanting. I like this one a lot; it's my first attempt at 7/4 time.

I have another idea for the album, which is for each song to have a different time signature from the last. So not all different times, but no time twice in a row. I'm gonna start a 5/4 track next.

at the very end is just bits of what the next track will be, And We're Up to No Good. It was written on keyboard.

anyway, let me know what you think? I don't like the sound of a lot of the instruments yet. I need to find better drums, and the bass still needs some tweaking.

I like it a lot so far but I want to know if that's just my own bias, since I made it. I need to know if other people will like this when it's done. I want this album to be really good.

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