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  1. it's pretty dope so far. this could be a fun ride... edit: okay yeah this is awesome. hope you don't mind if I pass this around a bit... edit again: hahaha yeah I'm on my second listen now.
  2. thanks guys. ha yeah I love them arps. too much fun. edit: the beginning was my only complaint too, I wasn't sure really what to do with it, I'll see how I can change it up.
  3. in the past I've only posted sloppy demos... well here's something that's actually finished, and actually good. uh also I'm terrible at classifying songs into genres... especially my own. I guess it could be a little experimental? the best I can do to describe it to you is tell you that ...it will take you on a magical journey. haha. http://www.box.net/shared/z25nvyry5g it's got live bass. this song has my first ever experimentations with polyrhythms, one that's 3 over 4, and another that's 5 over 7. the "bridge" has sampled didgeridoo (from a cassette of someone my mom new, crazy stuff), as well as lots of other random noises I recorded. the ending fades out and is meant to transition into an acoustic summer song, I just left the the transition in there. ch ch ch check it!
  4. this is awesome, man. great sounds, great mix, overall very entertaining. and I looove progressive stuff...
  5. I like it too. it's very theatic (or whatever the correct term would be). I think it could use some percussion when dynamics pick up, when the vocals come in the first time. hopefully you can a good artist or something because this is begging for visuals.
  6. I dig it, the intro was really cool. this is just me but you could totally work a 7/8 section into this based off the rhythm you've already got... haha but yeah I like it. the "chip 2.0" doesn't sound too bad either, it works imo. I like your sounds.
  7. looove it. I'm not too into your vocal synth but the song itself is great sooo whateva.
  8. haha thanks. you could say unique is what I go for. and lol yes this one confuses me too...
  9. Thanks for checking it out guys, and for the feedback. For the record, Deku Tree wasn't mixed at all, as it was all sloppy scratch tracking. The demo was just to see if the theme would convert well into 5/4. John Zorn's Book of Angels series is what really got me into this odd time stuff. In terms of "what I'm going for," I guess I may as well show you the song that did it for me: . The bass line that comes in at 1:39 is the one that changed my life, and I definitely had it in mind when I thought of trying the Deku Tree theme. So you could say I'm going for a jazzy eastern sound, similar but softer than that^ song.In terms of arrangement I'm not entirely sure where to go from here. I might medley it, I think Sharp's Curse from MM could fit with this pretty well. Maybe the potion shop theme, or Koume and Kotake's theme, as they've already got that eastern stuff going on. I think I'm gonna bail on Nanaki. I liked the source but I'm not a big enough FF fan to really want push the arrangement any further, especially when it comes time to record. And nobody mentioned it in the feedback, so that's that. word.
  10. the link's not working for me. edit: buuuuh I don't know why it didn't work before ... anyway, I love the sound of this, very intense, I agree with Acolyte, quite cinematic, and great sounding instruments. It's mixed really well already, it sounds great on my speakers, and even the mp3 isn't hurting it too much. I'd say maybe make the main brass a little less harsh. For the trumpet solo, give it some more high end, so it sounds a bit more real. It sounds distant, which is cool, but to my ears it needs more of that brassy trumpet bite. I really like the quieter parts with the soft percussion too. But you're right, I heard hardly any of the sources, both of which I am very familiar with. This reminds me of Majora's theme, and I can hear references to the themes in the instruments, but other than that, and especially melodically, I really cannot hear the sources, even with the time breakdown. I dunno, in your arrangement I can't even pick out similar chord progressions and you've altered the melody so much it's to almost hard to believe you didn't just write like 90-95% of this. Clearly you can compose and arrange really well, but if this was not labeled MAJORA'S MASK it's possible I could've missed the connection altogether, besides that one spot early on where the Song of Healing chords stand out. Obviously at this point you're not going to change it, and I don't think you should because it's great now. I'm hoping the judges recognize the sources in there more than I do.
  11. I really like this, the orchestral arrangement is awesome. an update would be good to hear.
  12. well I dig this. I don't really like your wobble synth, it's not ... in-your-face enough. I'd try giving it some distortion, before the wobble effect in your chain. the snare could be louder. maybe. your kick needs more ... kick. I think you stick on that first riff for too long, the way you do the second part is way cooler. imo you could leave off the first part and maybe be better off. the ending's awesome. oh yeah, and there are way too many reverse crash cymbals. I'd cut those back a little, it's kinda annoying how often you do it in here. but that's just by my ears. either way I like it. edit: crap sorry dude I didn't notice you'd said it was finished. I mean, my opinion still stands, but if you're satisfied with it, don't mess with it, it's good. edit again: hahahaha nevermind imafooool OKAY I listened again and ... when you compressed the drums, did you put the comp on the drum master? I don't know what you did but I think you should take the snare OUT of the comp, or give it less compression or SOMETHING, it sounds like it's getting squashed and I think that is your problem. I am talking about the second part here, in the beginning it doesn't sound like this.
  13. these are only very short demos right now. I just thought of and recorded this. I'm curious what people think of it being in 5/4. You won't recognize the source at first. This is part of a larger medley. The medley combines the three different versions of Nanaki's theme from the game. This except is of the part when you first meet him, then it goes into the main theme after and fades out. It's only guitar and banjo right now. it's just a sample I guess ... edit: deku tree: nanaki, starts at 0:38: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC5ZbIvQRjU
  14. I literally just finished recording this, wrote it all through the week. http://www.box.net/shared/3bys4z2ibc It's called Fears. The lyrics are mostly a list of things "I am afraid" of. Basically though, I am making fun of myself. I don't know what genre you would call this. Experimental horror folk? lol anyway, let me know what ye think! -evan
  15. click here maaaannn. it's two complete tracks, combined for the flow. this is the start of a concept album about seasons and weather. these songs are about spring. I'm going to write about the weater during each season this year. Well, that's the idea, at least. the first is Spring Showers. I wrote it on piano. It has lots of arps. too many, probably. I don't like the sound of the lead instrument. It's also got radio samples. it gets kind of epic, I'd say. the second is Don't Go Outside. I wrote it on bass guitar. it's mostly bass, but also features spoken poetry, plus live shaker, hand claps, and chanting. I like this one a lot; it's my first attempt at 7/4 time. I have another idea for the album, which is for each song to have a different time signature from the last. So not all different times, but no time twice in a row. I'm gonna start a 5/4 track next. at the very end is just bits of what the next track will be, And We're Up to No Good. It was written on keyboard. anyway, let me know what you think? I don't like the sound of a lot of the instruments yet. I need to find better drums, and the bass still needs some tweaking. I like it a lot so far but I want to know if that's just my own bias, since I made it. I need to know if other people will like this when it's done. I want this album to be really good.
  16. I was trying to pull together a mix of MM's Milk Bar theme but it never quite worked out ... mostly because I was trying to use too many live instruments that I don't know how to play. I agree for sure though, Majora had some great music that could use some love!
  17. OH MAN I can't believe I've never thought of learning any songs from this game ... I think and were my favorites, back in the day.
  18. I'm slightly jealous ... the only kind of sight reading I can do is with chord symbols, and maybe rhythm slashes too if necessary. I read words fairly slowly as it is, let alone stacked notes with melodies. I might not know what I'm talking about so feel free to disregard this, but you could first try practicing sight reading, like find some fairly easy pieces and see how well you can play through them from start to finish in one try.
  19. Evahn

    Star Fox 2 Midi

    Look at that, I don't even have to come up with my own response: I'd rather sit down at a keyboard or with a guitar to learn a song, and in the process of figuring out how a piece goes I also figure out my own way of playing it. For some reason I never looked into it. I don't want to give up my Yoshi's Island (even for SF2) but I'm sure I can find another donor somewhere. Exciting!
  20. thanx guyz for the record, Hula Girls was the most fun to work on. Especially just jamming along with it on bass. good times, yessir.
  21. I myself couldn't even make it past the first hour of FFXIII ... kept falling asleep during the battles ...
  22. Evahn


    That was excellent. I lol'd at the Tetris bit.
  23. It took me a couple tries before I got my first (and only, as of yet) mix accepted. I was still pretty new to playing and producing music when I'd recorded that track, so it was a big achievement to me. After that, after I'd reached my goal, I basically gave up on trying to get on OCR again. It's been more than a year, and I'm now working on my next sub. I feel like I mostly got lucky with my first one, so I want my next to actually be good, especially after all I've learned since then. It just takes time, no matter who you are. I think we forget too, that there's always more to learn. Some of us learn faster than others, but that doesn't mean anyone learns better than others, necessarily. Regardless of how long you've been doing it, you have to keep challenging yourself. Some people might not be destined for music, but I don't know, if you have a passion for it, and you keep an open mind about it, and you never give up on it, I don't think you could ever go wrong.
  24. One thing I love more than listening to Dark Side is listening to a good cover of Dark Side. This is tight.
  25. Evahn

    Star Fox 2 Midi

    yeah, it definitely helps to be able to do it without midi ... using the midis can hold back your creativity. Well, it holds back my creativity, I don't know what it'll do to you. Anyway, Star Fox 2 is probably one of my favorite SNES games. I might even like it more than SF64, maybe if it was physically available. Some day I'll figure out how to get roms onto cartridges, just so I can play this game on a real system. That's my dream. So I'd totally be down to check out your mix if you do figure it out. I don't know anything about modes, but I can tell you it's in D flat ... the chord progression's not too crazy so you shouldn't have too much trouble, should you get over your laziness ...
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