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Huepow00 (DJ EAR)

finished Hardcore Underground 4 (8x33-Bits)

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Title: Hardcore Underground 4 (8x33-Bits)

Album: 8xHC

Bitrate: 320kbps

(Got a Go-Ahead from DJ FRACUS[Label Owner] to complete this, if anyone's worried.)

WHAT IS IT? A Chiptune Arrangement of the Hardcore Underground 4 Album, Mixed together into a 30min Masterpiece of my Favorite 33 Tracks!


>> Download <<

[CD01 - Fracus & Darwin]

You Are My Oxygen - Darwin & Fracus featuring Ant Johnson

On the Run - Stormtrooper featuring Kristy

A Different Way - Fracus

Rivers Flow In You - Lumin8

Places We Go Through [Fracus Remix] - Michael Mansion

We Will Always Be - Phenex

Nothing There [Reese Remix] - Chwhynny & Darwin

Tell Me That You Love Me - Fracus & Skratchy featuring Sam Honey

The Last Goodbye - Darren Hotchkiss & Stu Infinity

Realms and Rough-Cuts - Fracus & Darwin

Come Into My World - Fracus

[CD02 - Brisk & Marc Smith]

Eternity - Double Dutch

Sunrise - Brisk & Ham

Look @ The Heaven (Technikore & Kato Remix) - Technikore & Wain Johnstone

Summer Of Love - Fretman & Darwin feat Kyla

Don't Fuck With This DJ - Joey Riot & Recon

Rudeboy Sounds - Brisk & Stormtrooper

Phunk'd - Stormtrooper

Daybreaker - Brisk & Ham

Stomp - Marc Smith & Recon

Now Is The Time (Kurt Remix) - Scott Brown

Hardcore Habanaro - Brisk & Vagabond

Where's The Party At - Marc Smith

We Are Hardcore - Marc Smith feat. Casey

Here's Jonathan - S3RL

[CD03 - Al Storm & Kutski]

Bang! - Flowers Need The Rain [Al Storm Mix]

Al Storm vs Hardforze - Don't Go Breakin My Heart

Al Storm - Dubplate Skank

Bishop vs Al Storm - Virtual Nightmare

Ultravibes - Bang! 2009

Al Storm - Jumpin'

Gammer & Whizzkid - We Are The Vampires

[CD04 - Oli G & Lost Soul]

Devastate - Mood Music [Oli G Remix]

Sorry to those that didn't end up in the mix, As I've said, those chozen are just my personal Favorites!

SPECIAL THANKS TO DJ FRACUS Who Gave me the props to Keep working on this after an initial demo! You Rawk Man!

UBER SPECIAL THANKS TO Hardcore Underground's Talanted DJs and Artists! Without You, None of it is Possible!

-Huepow00 (DJ EAR)

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