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  1. Much Love Rexy! This song has grown a lot since it's original release, and its still a banger! <3
  2. I'm proud to announce the release of SoTSS15: Tropical Paradise! this new album features 20 remixes from 12 games by 13 of the Sonic Stadium's community artists - and I couldn't be more proud! Clocking in at 1hr20min just under 200MB, it's 100% FREE and ready for you to download! You can pickup the album right now at: http://projects.sonicstadium.org/sound-of-tss-2015/ ENJOY! Sound of The Sonic Stadium is a twice-yearly musical showcase of SEGA & Sonic Remixes from members of The Sonic Stadium.
  3. SSK: Super Sonic Knockout Demo.5 is out for SAGE 2011. Alongside is my REMIX ALBUM with 30min of Slammin Jamz! http://huepow00.bandcamp.com/album/ssk-beatz DISCLAIMER: =========== SSK BEATZ is in no way affilated with SEGA® or Sonic Team®. Sonic the Hedgehog and related trademarks are copyrights of SEGA®.
  4. EAR - I Run Ahead http://youtu.be/1wBbJqrIiF0 DOWNLOAD - http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5856727/ http://djear.yolasite.com/ http://huepow00.bandcamp.com/
  5. Title: Hardcore Underground 4 (8x33-Bits) Album: 8xHC Bitrate: 320kbps (Got a Go-Ahead from DJ FRACUS[Label Owner] to complete this, if anyone's worried.) WHAT IS IT? A Chiptune Arrangement of the Hardcore Underground 4 Album, Mixed together into a 30min Masterpiece of my Favorite 33 Tracks! >> Download << http://www.mediafire.com/?mxtgjmimezy [CD01 - Fracus & Darwin] You Are My Oxygen - Darwin & Fracus featuring Ant Johnson On the Run - Stormtrooper featuring Kristy A Different Way - Fracus Rivers Flow In You - Lumin8 Places We Go Through [Fracus Remix
  6. All I have right now is just a rough WiP I whipped up in a short amount of time.> I'll take any feedback I can get off of what little there is, and use it to (hopefully quickly) Flesh this out into more than just a 'sketch'.
  7. Yep, thats the one. Thanks Txai! EDIT: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=28314 Played around for a few min. I'll see where this leads me. ;;
  8. I can probally wip up a few UK-Hardcore Crash Remix's. I always liked Ripper Roo, Sunset Vista and the Boulder Stages. (BTW - Check VGMix.com - I believe someone has done a remix of the Sewer's from CB2...or from CTR, can't remember...Long time ago I remember seeing it.)
  9. I really like it, nice to see some more UK Hardcore around here.
  10. Huepow00 - Anubis (WiP) 320kbps WORK-IN-PROGRESS http://soundcloud.com/huepow00/anubis-wip Wondering if I can get some feedback on this track. I've not gone in and fancied it up much, so it's pretty raw right now, but still...
  11. http://drop.io/xuqr6fu/asset/bedtime-story-mp3 This was my submission into a Movie Theme Remix competition on another forum. Enjoi!
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