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The Making of a Video Game Soundtrack

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I've started a pretty involved series on how I wrote music to the game "GunGirl 2" on my blog. You can check out the soundtrack at http://music.jwmusic.org/album/gungirl-2-original-soundtrack before reading some of these indepth articles I'm writing on the composition and production elements of this soundtrack.

PART ONE: Cohesion

PART TWO: Making of Anomaly (Guitars and Violin and much much more!)

Bonus: Score to "Libera Me"

PART THREE: Working with Live Performers

PART FOUR: Studio Gear


PART SIX: Looping and Mastering

Enjoy (:

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I know I've already posted in here saying how awesome this is, but I'd just like to reiterate :<

It's really cool to be able to follow the progression of everything as it comes together. Great reads for guys like me who are starting to learn the theory but don't really have much experience with the practice.

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