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Kirby's Dreamland Green Greens Metal Version

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Oh look, a remix on this site from a console game I even know! ^^ I listened to it. It has all important melodic features of the original.

I would never listen to it in my free time, because I personally think there is seldom reason to turn something into a Rock/Metal genre. (Although I like Rock and Metal!) Although much of the silly fun of the original seems lost because of the hard guitar sound, there is a new silly fun created through the - thats what I would call it - "medieval viking sound".

You wrote this took you four hours (on youtube), so I think you did good work! Like I said, I would never listen to such music in my free time (except for the testing few minutes ago ^^) but it does not disturb; and it would always fit into a combined artwork - as background music for a video or so.

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