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  1. I came here to come and ask, if there are any plans for a lead-oriented Shreddage, but I see the FAQ in the OP says there are already software designed for that. My question is, which ones are recommended in that field? I really like Shreddage and it helps a lot, and I was hoping if there's something similar for leads. I used to play all these things by myself with actual guitar but ever since I got a new computer and an external audio card (actually, it's an Alesis mini-mixer), it won't recognize my guitar properly and plays only static and really loud noises. Or maybe it's because my guitar
  2. Just checking: so the girl knows you're "collaborating with her"?
  3. Here's a little something I whipped up for a local LAN party music competition. This time the theme was "Election", so the first thing that came to mind, was a song about Cthulhu running for presidency. Lyrics are in finnish, but basically the song is about him taking over the world, enslaving and/or killing everyone no matter the skin color or sex, destroying everything and celebrating the unavoidable victory. In other words, a pretty happy song. Youtube link: Mp3 download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/135436/DiseasedProject/CthulhuPresidentiksi.mp3 I hope you like it. Btw, thanks to whoever
  4. Techno is not how I would describe this; it's more like a hiphop or rap backing track. Lead melody is obviously the "vocal track", so in order for it to work: you need vocals. The bass sound is painfully dreadful and sounds like fart noises to me. You need to replace it: any substitute will be better than the current form. Listening to this, my first thought about the rhythm track was that it was okay, but as I went on, I began to think this would work a lot better as an acoustic song, with no drums at all. Same melody and backing track, but played with a piano or an acoustic guitar. And voca
  5. Hardly worthy of a thread in its current form, the piece is only a minute long and it's one-key ambient. Nevertheless, I thought it sounded okay, but I gotta say for some reason I began thinking night-time Tokyo rather than space. Expand more and then we'll see.
  6. Nice. The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters
  7. I would choose the piano version, it sounds less like General MIDI compared to guitar version and to me fits better for "a Town theme". Also, make some velocity changes into the notes so that they sound more human. I like the melody by the way.
  8. I would have preferred it without the rhythm track. Not saying it's bad, but since the song starts off so nice and mellow, it's a bit distracting once you start to hear the beat at ~0:40. It's almost as if two totally different songs were combined, and that feeling stayed in me throughout the rest of the song. The beat is programmed well enough, but in my opinion it is a little quiet and buzzing anyway. Well, maybe not buzzing, but a bit weird. I would scrap them altogether and maybe add something new and interesting in their place in the rest of the sound scape if needed (=one or two instrume
  9. It has some potential but for me the drum track kills it. It lacks power, the beat is very dull and I don't hear any hi-hat. I suggest using completely different samples and adding more hits in there. The beat starting at 0:50 is especially uninspired. Also, BPM could be a bit higher. With a decent rhythm track it would be a lot better. I liked the intro, btw (and the speech throughout the song).
  10. I listened to a couple, pretty good stuff. One thing I noticed was that these would greatly benefit from vocals (Heroes is aching for a rap). I don't think you're a noob at mixing, I think these sound okay.
  11. No, as I said the sound quality is good but the glissandos as you called them, didn't fit in the composition in my opinion, hence I didn't like them.
  12. I'm on better headphones now (I wrote my original post at work while on a break, the headphones there are crap, now I'm at home). You're right, the guitars are panned after all so it was the headphones' fault I missed that. The guitars still sound tame though and almost as if they were programmed using samples rather than actually played live. They could still pack a whole lot more punch than they do now, and you say it yourself that many people bash the tone. The bass also still sounds pretty bad. I listened to the Soundcloud link this time. As far as genre issues go, I only grabbed onto the
  13. I enjoyed it. Sounds really good, and the composition is relaxing (for the most part). I don't know the proper word for this, but the only thing I didn't like are those sweeps that start in ~0:47. But as far as sample showcasing goes, this is well done. And the track itself is pretty good too.
  14. Without commenting the sound quality since my current headphones might be deceiving, I say this definitely needs those vocals and it's apparent you've written some parts with the idea of vocals there in mind (like 0:33 onwards). Plus, the bass track sounds a bit silly without the vocals. The rhythms are pretty nice. Melodies remind me a bit of the band "Pain" (maybe you've heard of it). Similar vocal style would work best here as well I believe. I got the feeling that the song might be a bit too repetitive (at least for my tastes), because the opening melody and all of its variants are heard
  15. I'm using really crappy headphones at the moment, but at least with these the guitar tone sounds really tame and weak. Also I think there's just one guitar track in there and it's in dead center. I would utilize at least two separate guitars on L and R, plus give it more volume since in rock and metal music, they should play the lead role and not just buzz on the background. Also, this is not heavy metal, it's some techno/electronica (I don't know the genres) that has a guitar in there. Just wanted to point that out. Bass sound is bad, as is overall mixing (tracker-quality), but the "jam" st
  16. It's been a long time since my last post. Anyway, a couple of months ago, I launched this club among a small circle of friends on IRC. The idea is, that each month there's a different theme, and people can create any art for said theme (music, 3D, short stories, photography, anything). Once the deadline is up, we listen/watch/read the created work in sync in random order and comment on them. It's been a great opportunity to get feedback, and the club challenges me to create something that (hopefully) fits the given theme, even if remotely. Plus I get to try out different kinds of (new) genres
  17. Okay, this is not so much a remix than it is a short cover, but I thought I'd post it anyway in case someone would happen to like it. Youtube link: Mp3 download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/135436/DiseasedProject/GreenGreens.mp3
  18. Really enjoyable! Although I don't like the beat in the chorus (a bit more peaceful take would suite it better imo) especially since the rest of the song is somewhat doomy but this is great nevertheless! Dig dig.
  19. The guitar playing rocks, the lyrics and vocals suck major ass (which was probably your aim, so congrats). I also kinda liked the song, although it's about a half too long. I lost interest at the part where there was something about a witch, or something. Make the whole thing shorter, and add some decent vocals, and then it's a good parody. Now it's just parody.
  20. Hello friends. Here's a new metal song I'd like to present to you. It didn't have vocals for a couple of months, until I got OCRemixer Cyril to do them for me, so I thank him for that, I think he did a really good job. Hope you like the song, here it is: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/135436/DiseasedProject/Xenophobes_Purgatory_Vocal_Edition.mp3 Also, Cyril wants to say, that should you need a vocalist, he's willing to participate I really recommend him.
  21. You should do that for yourself, above anything else.
  22. Earlier you said on IRC you find programming drums the easiest part in making a song, and while listening to this, I can see why you feel that way. It seems very natural to you, meaning (based on this alone) you are pretty good at making beats. Don't know where you dig up your samples but they sound good and you use them well. And while the song is pretty simple in itself, the drum patterns keep it interesting throughout. Keep on glitching.
  23. Pretty shitty host you found for upload. Try Dropbox instead. That aside: I like how you said "here's some fucking electro music ala Kidd Cabbage". For all I know, you could be the biggest nerd on Earth, but that's just ballsy. Alright, onwards to the actual song... I didn't know what to expect when those flutes started playing, but I gotta say they're pretty ok with the drum pattern. The bass drum is distorted and sounds bad, and so does the flub pad. The pad fits the song, but it just sounds stupid. I have no idea as to how you could fix that. Actually...the moment it's introduced, I don't
  24. Awfully midi-ish throughout. Plus the wankery is too loud compared to background. Breakneck is one thing, breakeardrum is another. This all just seems like it's nothing but speed, melodies and riffs don't seem to matter. It's almost like all that matters, is that it's fast. Then again, I think DragonForce sounds pretty much like this, and I can't understand why some people like it. Maybe I'm not the right person to comment on this, but anyway, I'm going to go all Simon Cowell on this and say this is garbage. Sorry. However, I think there might be some people who could like it. I'm just not one
  25. One thing that struck me instantly, is that the lower note right after the highest one, is hit a little too early. This happens thrice. Move those notes a bit. I like the way the strings are introduced, pretty natural. If you're stuck as to how to continue the song, try this perhaps: Use the drum beat you got in the middle of the song, plus the melody you have in the beginning. Then you can just solo or whatever you come up with. Solid stuff so far. Go wild with it. Maybe throw a couple of high notes here and there as well...
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